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baby shopping

Ok going in soon to buy everything.. what are the little things I will need that I may forget.. not crib haha stuff like, baby shampoo and soap, baby rash cream... any clothing items I may need that I might forget.. stuff like that... any ideas?
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I read an idea that really hit with me was when you go to the hospital for labor. make sure you have a gift for the big brother or sister... I thought that was a great idea. Just something to make them fill just as special. Im going to do that. not sure what to buy for my dd yet.. but still a good idea. lol shes 16
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first aid kit saves u money... with the kit, instead of buying seperate things.
socks for you feet for labor? lol you want them clean...and new
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I know you get a ton of things from your baby shower, but some of the things that I definitely wanted to make SURE I had I bought myself! Things like.. Baby body wash, shampoo, lotion, cradle cap lotion, massaging oil for babies, disposable changing pads, baggies for diapers, a small container of baby wipes to leave in my car, the first aid kit like Tennesseegirl suggested with the brush, clippers, nose suction, etc.. umm.. for me.. breast pads, socks that were cheap so I could throw them away after I leave the hospital,  an extra battery for my cell phone, trial size soap, shampoo, lotion, toothpaste, toothbrush, .. things like that.
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snacks to eat!!!! lol..
Ill let you guys go for the what nots... Ill be creative... snickers bar with a coke.. stores good and is very satisfying. in fact... I would really really like that now
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I just finally have a handle on all the shopping I had to do for our first born - she's due on the 27th,  but the doctor sez any day now :o)

You'll get tons of cute things at your shower,  but you'll need to buy the basics,  like mitten,  booties,  plain onesies,  little caps etc.  What I did is I went to babiesrus and created a registry (you don't actually have to use it,  just create it) and there is first-time parents checklist of things that you'll need.  Be sure you separate the "needs" from the "things they just want you to spend more money on" cos there is a lot of that there,  but you'll get a sense of what the basics are from there.  Enjoy!
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I REALLY liked the little gowns I had with my first child.  They have elastic at the bottom so the little legs stay in, but it makes it really easy to access the diaper area in the middle of the night.  Also, when the little one nods off while nursing and you need him to nurse longer you just yank up the bottom of the gown and he'll wake right up and when you put him back to your breast he snuggles right up skin to skin and it just tuggs back down again when it is time to put him back down to nap.  Also, you need more sleepers and gowns than you can imagine.  Spit up and poop somehow get everywhere.
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Oh!  And the comments about socks for you are true.  But bring lots of them.  I somehow went through like six pairs of socks at the hospital.  I ended up peeing on one pair when I was de-cathiterized and left alone while still hooked up to the IV (plugged into the wall) but not left with the call button.  I stood there shaking and really having to pee with left-over epidural making my legs week and a dry mouth trying to call out, "help!" but getting no volume and no one heard me and I couldn't hold it anymore so I killed a pair of socks.
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We typed up a phone list of people to call - at the top I left fill in the blank questions - Abigail Rose Wilkes Shiles was born ______________ at ___________ am/pm
Made it super easy for Jim to make calls - include weight, length, etc - we also took copies of our prereg paperwork in case they lost anything - I packed a bag of snacks for Jim - a Reader's Digest - things to keep him busy and not hungry

As for supplies for baby - Don't forget to get a pack of the safety Q-tips from Johnson and Johnson - they are made PERFECTLY for cleaning the stump of the belly button - you'll need alchohol as well to clean the stump - Also a tube of Desitin - you might think you won't need it yet - but when little one has pooped seven times in a day and has a red butt - you'll want the Desitin - I also picked up a pack of the tri-fold cloth diapers - mades WONDERFUL burp rags and they are great for patting dry your boobies after breastfeeding

Last reminder - DON"T FORGET to have your car seat professionally installed - then bring the seat in the house (leave the base in the car) and use a teddy bear or something to let hubby practice putting baby in and out - he'll think its silly but he'll appreciate the fact that when it counts, he'll look like he knows what he is doing!!!
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you can NEVER have too many recieving blankets... like scootie said, spit up and poop will be everywhere.

and extra pacifiers, (i put 6 newborn pacifiers on my registry) because they always get lost.
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Oh-- good idea about the announcement Rebecka!! Have to write that one down!!  DH will just say.. she had the baby! And then be off to the next caller..lol Ahhh I forgot to get some alcohol too.. dang it, we have some around here somewhere, probably in the garage packed somewhere with all the other stuff that never made it into the house when we moved.. hehe Ah well.. least it's cheap!

Good Question Meli!! Thanks!
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I know its a bit early but.. I was told you can go to your local electric company and they will give you the plates to cover the outlets for free. all thru out the house... should save some $20.00
you may want to make a trip there when you pay your bill and ask. yay...
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Gowns...gowns...ummm did I say gowns...they are the easiest to change diapers in when u r half asleep.

Agree on the newborn pacifiers if your going to use them.  Also, a pacy holder that clips on to their clothes. ooo and an extra car seat base if you get one of those kind of car seats.

TEETHING TABLETS..the ones in the white, pink & blue box.  Mylicon gas drops (DYE-FREE) or the **** gets all over there clothes and stains.  ummm DREFT detergent.

& Boudreaux Buttpaste...its the best diaper rash stuff out there....oooo and stock up on anything that's Burt's Bees...its great and the baby smells wonderful
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Remember to bring your camera, or get a disposable one!  I also made sure I had a good supply of tylenol for when I got home,  for the pains of your uterus going back to size and having your bottom stitched up if need be.  I also got one of those inflatable donut things to sit on when I took a bath for the first week. Good Luck to you, and happy shopping
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