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Was just wondering how much you all eat before i was pregnant i was size 8 and just ate normally but now being 38 weeks pregnant nothing fills me up! Today ive had cerial, two bags of crisps, mini eggs, two activia drinking yogurts, a tuna sandwich and supanoodles and still hungry!!And im so worried im gunna be fat after ive given birth or even got so used to the ammount of eating ill carry on :(
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With my son I ate a ton and I thought I could get away with it because I was 24 and was always thin. I weighed 125 before getting pregnant with him. I literally ate whatever and whenever I wanted and I knew towards the end that I had gained alot but I figured it will all go away and I'll be back to normal cuz I'm young! Well, it did all go away but I was left with stretch marks, loose belly skin and cellulite lol I also went from a C to a D while pregnant and ended up an A after breast feeding. So now fast forward to almost ten years later I'm 33, I got breat implants 3 years ago and I started at 123. I'm almost 20 weeks and I've gained 8 lbs because I do not want to end up regretting all the weight again. I do eat alot but I keep track of it all with a fitness app as I work out at the gym 4-5 days a week. I work out at a less intense level than before but I think exercise is important to maintain my metabolism. And when I'm hungry I eat things like low fat yogurt, eggs, protein bars with low fat and sugar, oatmeal and veggies and fruit. I still definitely indulge here and there. Usually Sunday I eat horribly lol but trust me, having some will power will pay off in the end. Not that your baby will be unhealthy if you don't though. Cuz my son ended up being perfectly healthy and he was 10 lbs 3 oz. But if you're worked about weight gain and what your body might be like afterwards just try to keep track of why you're eating with an app or something and snack healthy. Also drink lots of water to fill u up :)
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Im currently only 7 weeks pregnant with my 5th child. But this is my first pregnancy after losing 150 lbs. Although my last few pregnancies I haven't gained more than 20 lbs. This pregnancy is so different, normally im deathly sick for about 6 months and lose 10-15 lbs. Because I can't eat anything or keep anything down. This pregnancy aslong as im eating im ok, a little nnauseous but nothing like before but if I let my belly get empty holy hell!!! I'm sick as a dog!! So I'm literally easing something every 15 minutes. And I'm so scared I'm going to gain 100 lbs. I'm only suppose to be consuming 1400 calories a day! It's only noon and I've already had a slice of peanut butter toast, oatmeal and raisins, chex mix, egg and cheese on an English muffin and a slice of lasagna....
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My stupid spell check changed a ton of words in that post lol sorry. Oh and btw, I didn't mean to make it sound like I'm an expert or anything. I have tons of body insecurities being pregnant even tho I haven't gained alot of weight. I've gotten more cellulite which is my worst enemy! But I guess pregnancy is just going to throw some stuff at us that we can't avoid. Sigh.
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Thankyou! No stretchmarks yet, and ive gone from a d to dd, and my bump is pretty small, but i feel like ive put on weight on my arms legs and bum which doesnt make me feel better and i moved into my flat 27th of jan and when the cooker cane was damaged to had to wait ages for them to sort that and my new one is coming on tuesday so i havent really been able to eat decent full meals which os maybe why im eating more crap, but thankyou for advice xx
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