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exercise and TTC

Ok ladies I've added exercise on my to do list.
The two times I conceived in the past 2 years I was an avid exerciser.  I actually conceived almost 1 year ago this month. Anyway, after the m/c I fell into a funk and stopped going to the gym.
I have been feeling tired over the past few months, not to mention the weight gain, so I went back to the gym.
It's been one full week of 30 minute uphill walks for me so far and I do already feel a bit of relief.  Maybe it will help me conceive as well - anyone hear any studies on this??
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Regular exercise is very good for health and circulation, stress management, weight management and well being.

When pregnant, exercise unless there are problems like bleeding or incompetent cervix, has all positive benefits.

Being fit and active and healthy can only help.

Best wishes and baby dust!
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The healthier the body, the easier it is to conceive and also can make a difference in carrying.  Regular exercise can play a big role in that.  SSBD to you.
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Hi Lisa!  I went down a similar path as you this past year.  Exercise was a big part of my life and up until a year ago I kept very fit with regular runs / gym sessions / tennis etc.

Everything changed in my life about a year ago when I moved in with my boyfriend.  We sold our respective houses and bought an older home with nice bones that needed renovations.  I got pregnant in the middle of all this but m/c after 10 weeks.

I had gained 10 lbs. very quickly during my short pregnancy.   I was devastated and it took a long time for me to start feeling better.  My mother was very ill.  It was a LOOONG cold winter.  

I never completely stopped exercising (I'd become impossibly depressed if that were to happen) but I cut down quite a bit.  

Fast forward to today.  Time was a ticking but I was not emotionally ready to get pregnant until now.  And I realized that I never lost those 10 lbs. because it was very very easy to keep it as a buffer between me and another possible loss (ie I'll try to get pregnant once I lose those 10 lbs.....)

LOL I actually joined Weight Watchers with a girlfriend earlier this month thinking...I'll lose those damn 10 lbs in 5 weeks..then I'll get pregnant...but instead, I just found out that I'm pregnant again.  I'm 5/7 and weight 145 lbs.  

Absolutely exercise will benefit us.  I've read from many sources that fit women have better deliveries and recover faster.  Exercise puts us in a good mood, we feel stronger, more in control of our lives...exercise is that happiness in a pill.

The question, though, is type and duration of exercise?  My doctor - who is also an OBGYN and who I'm seeing this week - is surprisingly unforthcoming.  When I asked her questions last year she just told me I can google for it.  Sure.  I google a lot these days.  And I'm getting so much CONFLICTING advice.....can I do ab work in first trimester?  Can I go running?  What about overheating?  

Sorry.  Very long response on my part but I didn't answer your question.
PS - Your baby girl is beautiful:)
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Anything you did before pregnancy you can do during.  Moderate to intense workouts are fine.  Only caveat is if it hurts, don't do it.

Ab work is ok first trimester. After that depends on how you feel, size etc.

You can run as long as you're comfortable running.  I've just entered my 3rd trimester and am still able to and comfortable to run (prenant woman pace, though).

Duration, whatever you're comfortable with.  30 mins up to 2 or 3 hours (if it's low intensity - like biking or hiking)....

Exercise where you can sweat to cool off, and drink plenty of water.  Have a snack if you're exercising for more than an hour.  

Overheating from exercise is not a big issue, if you're using common sense and getting hot from regular exercise under normal conditions is no risk to the baby or you.  Don't do sauna or steam room - as these do pose risk for overheating.

I posted a few months back on the Feb Babies forum about exercise and pregnancy.... if you can't find it (i think you can search indivicual forums for topics), I'll look for it and post it here.

Hope this helps
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