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failed ivf

good day...my wife and i were almost 10 years trying to have a baby and lately tried an ivf. until my wife blood test for pregnancy. 14 days after the embryo transfer seems a lower value of 35 and took en extra dosage of her meds for another 7 days and took another follow up blood tert which confirms her pregnancy with a value of 365. our doctor ask her for another 7 days helpful medications for her ultrasound, but unfortunately, only empty "sachs" black hole was found on her uterus. our doctor stating that embryo eas not develop to a fetus....because of some reasons such as genetic. i'm seeking your advise on this for what is the cause and explanation on this as my wife and i still on a stage of deppression on the outcome..........please help and needs an encouragement. thanks and god bless!
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How many weeks along is she now?   It is not uncommon for the gestational sac to appear empty on ultrasound up to seven to eight weeks.  I would wait and have another ultrasound in a week or two and see what there is to see then.  In the meanwhile keep monitoring beta numbers.  If they are still rising then something is growing.  Keep positive.  I'l be praying for you.
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I am sorry you are going through this.  An empty sac is a form of miscarriage, and is sometimes called a blighted ovum.  It means the egg implanted and her body thought she was pregnant, grew a sac, but the baby did not grow.  Sadly it is fairly common.  It is not because of anything she or you did.  It also does not mean that the next time the same thing will happen.  I am sorry for your loss, and I wish you both well.  Take care.
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thanks for the encouragement. she's now 7 weeks and we'll be back on her 8 weeks this october 8 as her doctor stated that she must have her bleeding for stopping her medications. but as to today, no either spotting was started.
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appreciate you comment...still miscarriage as no spotting or even noticed inside her uterus during her u/s?
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Only a Dr. can diagnose for sure, but if at 7 weeks no baby is seen and there is no heartbeat, that is typically what has happened.  I'm so sorry.
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Ho Ooz,
I am so sorry sorry you are goign through such a rough time.  It could be that she Ovulated later and that you may not be as far along as yu nor the DR thought.  Many women here end up being 1-2 weeks behind what DR originally says or what the first test shows. Happened to me. So at this point, could be she is only 5/6 weeks which makes sense then if only empty sac was seen.  Don't give up!  Keep hope!
Wishing you and your wife all the best...please keep us posted!
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thanks so much on this.....but unfortunately my wife start her bleeding today like having a dymenorriah.......we're so upset and hope and pray that we can coup this up and try next time. she have to go back this oct.8 to her dr to check if her uterus is clear and sac goes out already......
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I am soooooo very sorry to hear this news. Please give many hugs for you and your wife.  Please keep the faith.

Pleas let us know!
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I'm really sad for you both too.All the best for doc appointment on the 8th.
Please don't give up hope.I've just had a miscarriage and yes it is very upsetting.
All the best and please let us all know how everything goes for you both.Take care.
Kind thoughts Erina
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thanks for all the supports and encouragements...best regards and will keep in touch..
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