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figuring this out??

In Jan. I had a mc at about 8 weeks and had a d&c.  I had been to the ob a few times and had 3 us.  Now this time:  My AF was supposed to start on Aug. 27th (I'm very regular)  but it didn't.  My breasts were a little sore, but I thought that could be PMS so I didn't take a HPT.  Then 2 days later, I bled just like a normal period for one day and 1/2 and then spotted very little for 2 days.  That was unusual for me as I typically bleed for 4-5 days.  Anyways, thought that was my period.  Then 8 days later I spotted brown for 2 days, very light.  My breasts had been hurting on and off, adn I had some mild nausea.  My sister told me to do a HPT and it was positive.  

I didn't like my previous ob so I decided to call a new one.  I called and made an appt.  They asked me to come in and have blood work 4 days later.  I did, and the next day they called and said my Hcg was 25. I knew this wasn't good at all bc I should have been 6 weeks by that time.  They asked me to come back the next day for more bloodwork. Finally today they called back and said my levels were dropping. The nurse said I didn't need to come back and that I could follow up w/ my general practice doctor if I had one.  I never got to talk to the dotor.

My question:  Does this mean that when I bled that one day I was mc already and my levels were so low almost 2 weeks later bc I already lost the pregnancy?  or have I not yet mc and I will soon?  At first, I thought I hadn't mc b/c I still have preg. symptoms, but then I started thinking that maybe that first bleed was the mc.  But now I don't know.  I feel like I'm in the dark.  Like that doc's office took blood twice then called me and said levels are too low and you're on your own.

With my first mc I had an us and saw the fetus. Then 2nd us showed no heartbeat. 3rd us confirmed it. Then had d&c, plus a follow up w/ doc to make sure all was good.  This has been so different.  Is this normal?  Is it normal, when your levels are that low, for the doc's office not to follow up or even see you?  And do you think I've mc already?  The pregnancy symptoms are alot less today, sore breasts still but very little nausea.  thanks
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if your levels dropped from 25 then yes i think you have already miscarried.
sounds like you need an appointment with a doctor to discuss the fact you have now had 2 losses and to see if there are any tests they want to run to determine why.
sorry you not only have to go through the losses, but feel like you are being blown off on top of it...
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Well I think it's being figured out.  I started bleeding today, so I guess this is the start of the mc.  I got confused bc I thought maybe I had had a chemical pregnancy and when I bled 2 days after my period was supposed to start, I thought that was the mc.  But then reading about chem preg. didn't fit bc I had a positive HPT 11 days after the bleeding and then again 14 days after the bleeding.  It's just awful when the doctor doesn't tell you anything.  But this place has been great at helping me figure this stuff out.
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I am so sorry you are experiencing this.  I too had multiple losses, and I know it's hard.  

Believe it or not, having had 2 losses does not increase your risk of another at all.  It is not until after 3 (only 5% of women will have 3 or more in a row) where the risk is increased. So typically they do no testing until after 3.  

Sadly when your levels are that low it is typical for them to just leave it alone.  When it is that early and levels are that low there is no real medical reason for follow up, but they do need to learn some bedside manner.  Dr's offices need to remember how devastating this can be.  Again, I'm sorry your experiencing this, and I wish you well.
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Thanks adgal....your post gives me hope of trying at least once more.  

I just thought it odd that the doc didn't talk with me at all.  Or at least a nurse to give me some info about mc in general....what to expect and things like that.  Since I had a d&c last time, I had no idea what having a natural mc would be like, but, like I said, thankfully I had this place to help me out.

thanks again to everybody here.  It's been such a big help.
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I had 2 m/c and then had 2 healthy sons and I am now 17w3d with #3.  All they could tell me with my first losses was low progesterone.   Sorry you are going through this.  
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The reason they didn't say much is because if you are that early you probably won't experience much more then what would be like a heavy period.  Especially if you have already started bleeding.  I just wish these Dr.'s would have more of a heart and realize how hard this is on us.  I was lucky that I had an OB that was really good at giving info, but still I was so confused and hurt.

There is hope.  In my case I did go through testing after m/c no. 3 and to be honest they never really did come up with any reasons.  However, I now have a beautiful 8 month old little boy, so at the end it was worth it.  My OB always said that if you are still getting pregnant, there is hope.  It's just finding the good one!  Hang in there and know you aren't alone.
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I wonder about my progesterone ...my first pregnancy my hcg was really good but my progesterone was only 9.  I asked about supplements but that ob doesn't believe that progesterone supplements help, and if you are going to mc nothing will help.  This time my hcg was really really low and my progesterone was 7.  I wonder if that will always be a problem for me.  Also, wonder if there is something I can do b/4 getting pregnant to help with the low progesterone.  Anyways, glad you eventually had 2 healthy babies and congrats on #3!!  My best to you.
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Progesterone supplements are a controversial issue.  Some in the medical community don't believe they help, and truthfully, there really isn't any firm scientific proof that they help.  That being said, they don't hurt.  For a few cycles I started them right after O.  If I had a negative pregnancy test I stopped them so that AF would come.  Once I conceived I stayed on them, and in my sons' case until about 13 weeks.  I did miscarry 4 times on them, and was on them when I went full term as well.  I will never know if they made any difference or not, but I know many women who swear that was the key.  Some OB's prescribe them, others don't.  As I said though, they won't hurt, so maybe tell him you want to give them a try.  
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I know you can get progesterone cream over the counter but the pills and suppositories are script only. You would start it around 3 or 4 days after you ovulate.  9 and 7 are definately low numbers.  Mine were 16 and 18 with my successful pregnancies and my doctor felt that was too low and gave me the meds.  (this one my level was 74! no problems there)  I would ask your doc for a day 21 progesterone test to check how well you are ovulating.  That may be where the true problem is and you can get meds to help with that.  If the doctor you are seeing wont do it change to an RE, they will check everything and then some.  (with this pregnancy I switched because we had difficulties getting pg. this time because I had endometriosis that had to be removed) Good luck to you.
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