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first time mommy

Im so scared im 18 an ima be a mom soon im 36weeks it's my first baby im scared cuz of the pain an how it will be after the baby  how do I get ready how do I know im in labor please help?
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LOL, I had my 1st and only child at 17. I felt just the same as you do now. I was worried i would sleep thru my labor, because i am a very heavy sleeper, and wake up too late to make it to the hospital. I was awake and watching Cheech and Chong with my cousin when I had my 1st contraction. It was a very mild tightening of my abdomen. I wasn'e even sure if it was a contraction or not. Then I had another one about 10 min later. My cousin and I started timing them, because they say to go to the hospital when they r 7 min. apart. They were 8-7-7-and then 5 min. apart. It then felt like it does if you stand and do abdominal tightening exercises ( the kinetic ones, no movement just squeezing and retracting in ur abs as much as u can and holding it for 5-10 sec.). I woke my mother and sister around midnight and we went to hospital. When they examined me I had dilated to 1cm, they then made me walk. I walked about 30 min and the contractions were about 7-8 min apart but harder, more like bad menstral cramps. Then they started coming faster and stronger. I would hide in the restroom at end of hall for few seconds claiming I had to pee just to relax. Walking made them more intense and frequent. The nurse checked me and I was dilated to a 1.5-2. They admitted me to a room around 1:30AM. I had stayed up the night before because it was my due date and my fear of sleeping thru labor. I hadnt slept that day either and I was exhausted. I fell right to sleep as soon as I laid in the bed. I woke up suddenly around 6AM having severe labor pains. It was like a sharp muscle cramp but it was in my lower back. The call it "back-labor". I felt like I had slimy vaginal secretions or started my period, so I got up and went to the restroom to clean myself. I had lost my mucus plug and there wasn't any washrags, towels, or papertowels in the bathroom. I then began to cry and became very upset. I didn't want them to see my "whoo-haa" all nasty and I couldn't clean it. The nurse heard  me crying loudly and ran in the rm made me get in the bed and checked me I had dilated to a "4,5,6 OMGEE",she said and ran out. Then I was scared. I had maybe 8-10 more hard labor pains, they lasted longer. My brother-in-law rubbed my lower back. My mom & sis tried but couldn't do it hard enough. I was requesting the "Epidural Man". The Rn came back in and I asked for my epidural and she stated she checked my dilation again and stated, "Honey there is no time". I then was scared ********. They wheeled me to delivery and I was yelling at them to cover my hiney, cuz they left sheet propped up on 1 of my knee and demanding "Tylenol, Benadryl, a placebo, anything...!!!". I was given a local anesthetic shot, (which I still think was the worst part) it stung like hell, and then an opesiotomy (cut from vag almost to anus). I was told to do 1 big sit-up and push and keep pushing till they counted to 10. I did this 2x and was sweating and it just drains you. They then kept coaching me to do 1 more, I kept telling them "I cant" cuz of exhaustion not pain. My Dr. yelled "You have to God D%^$it, or this baby will die...", and I still dont know how I did it, but I did. My little girl was born, the cord was cut and the Dr. asked if I wanted to hold her. I told him yes, but I didnt know if I physically could because I was so weak. He laid her on my chest and my sister helped my put my arm around her. He then stitched up my opesiotomy and the rn took my daughter to nursery so I could rest. I felt light headed, kinda dizzy, just flat out exhausted. I slept like a baby and when I woke up I was ready to get in wheel chair and go get my baby. It not as bad as people make it seem. I was painful and exhausting, and what scared me the most was when I learned I wasn''t going to get any meds or an epidural. So dont be terrified, it's all worth it.
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Im 17 and im pregant with my first im 33 weeks and 2 days due due 25. I worry over every little thing I still dont know what to feel if im going into labor like what anything will feel like it scares me. Im a heavy sleeper as well. And im scared I will go into labor while im asleep. But you will be okay. The hospital nurse told me if at anytime I feel as if im having any kind of trouble of feeling like im going into labor or if I see blood or im leaking clear nasty stuff to come up there.
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Thank u guys so much it helps alot
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You'll know when in labor your water will break and so much water will come out that **** just goes. Not something you can sleep through.(I'm a heavy sleeper and that woke me up in seconds) as for ain i have high threshold for pain but if your like me no need to worry it doesn't hurt till the last hour. And it's not evwn alot  of pain
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I was 17 with my frist and hounestly it is scary I'm sorry to tell ya I'm on my third child and getting induced one Tuesday but I'm going to say this it is the most amazing and forgiving thing u will ever do... i mean give birth to a beautiful baby...... and if ur epi works if ur getting one ulll be ok i was 17 n it did not work for me i felt every thing but really i forgot how it felt as soon as i seen my daughters face she was perfect..... trust me u can do it and all will be well :) good luck to u and ull be a great mom don't let no one tell u diff just cuz ur young :)
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