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getting fertile and chances of down syndrome

I am 45 and trying to have a baby. My doctor told me I have a slight chance of getting pregnant. I am taking prenantal vitamins. Is there any foods, that could help me get more fertile? Plus, the doctor told me if I did get pregnant, the baby has 1 to 5 chance of having down syndrome. Some one help me with ideas and cheer me up.
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My sister in law had a girl at 53. I have a neighbor that gave birth at 46 and a friend that birthed her last at 48. All the babies are healthy and were conceived naturally, so it's possible. My only suggestion is to eat a well balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables; with as much of it organic as you can afford. All of these women grow a lot of their own food and eat mainly organic unprocessed diets.
I hope this help and good luck to you.
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That's a 4 in 5 chance of baby being fine... Odds are still in your favour! Good luck and best wishes for a sticky healthy bean x
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Oh and you might not release an egg every month so give your self time and don't stress as stressing will really impact the odds of getting pregnant. Pre-natals are good. Best wishes x
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Many women swear by yams to increase fertility. And I agree that there is a 4 in 5 chance of a baby without downs. And all of the people that I know with Downs are the happiest people around. Good luck!
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Conceiving a 45 is almost impossible. Yes there are a few that conceived with success at this age, but many more that did not. Risks of birth defects are also very high. My last pregnancy was at 42, i miscarried: my baby had triomy 18. I m 44 and I recently stopped trying, I don't believe this will happen again for me. Sorry I am not very cheerful!
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I woiuld have to agree with Ecologic. 45 yr old eggs are old, and if they fertilize, there is a higher chance of a chromosomal issue and miscarriages result. I would see a fertility specialist. Your options are kind of limited at your age. Most women opt for IVF and donor eggs to become a mother. Yes there are a 'few' isolated cases of natural conception and a healthy pregnancy but they are rare. My friend's mother had her at 47 back in the 70s and that was a complete miracle pregnancy.. it does happen but it seems to happen when it's least expected.
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I have to disagree with alot of the negativity around getting pregnant at or over 40.  I think alot depends on your health,  and each woman is different.  If you post a questions on here asking,  "stories about women having healthy babies over 40",  you will be surprised at how many people will respond.  Even though you are a bit older,  you do have a chance.  However,  time is of the essence.

Also,  keep in mind that most of the posting on here are very hard to read.  Ive followed a few woman's stories on here and was probably almost as heartbroken as they were to hear of their miscarriages.  But remember,  that there  are probably 5x more woman 40 and over having healthy and uneventful pregnancies that do not post on here! However,  theres no way to really know how many successful pregnancies because doctors dont track those stats after 44 yrs...lol.  But believe me,  i know alot of woman my age and a few years older having healthy babies.  

I like reading stories on here about woman over 45 conceiving and having healthy babies. Although ,  i feel scared of problems after reading alot of these posts.  So far,  everything is good with me.  I did the NT scan and was told that i have a 1000:1 chance of downs syndrome and a 3000:1 chance of the trisomies.  No bleeding no cramps,  just trying to hang on til the baby is born :)

Anyways,  my suggestion to you.  Keep the faith,  dont let the negativity  get you down.  IMO,  and partly from what i read,  you need to prepare your body for 3 months before trying to conceive.  Exercise,  take vitamins,  quit any bad habits,  and try to have fun when trying to conceive.  Try to have the mindset of not caring if you conceive or not,  its fun.

Also,  get a full physical.  Make sure your tubes arent blocked,  etc.  Also get your blood drawn for FSH.  Then i would see an RE. But do this before trying to conceive. This way you are not wasting time and you can try and correct any problems asap.

FYI i will be having my baby a couple weeks shy of my 40th b-day.  Conceived first try with this one and my 2 year old.  I have a 13 yr old that i had when i was 26.  Took 3 years to get pregnant with her....go figure!
Wishing you the best of luck.
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I'm 46 and 29 weeks pregnant.  We didn't plan this pregnancy, we have a 21 and 17 year old so this was a complete surprise. I have had several genetic test and everything came back fine. So God Bless and I hope your dreams come true!
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Yes, pregnancy at and over 45 happens naturally.  However, there is a reality in that it is not common, and continuing a successful pregnancy is not common.  Call it negative, but it is the reality.  We women are born with the amount of eggs we get over a lifetime.  Even with healthy lifestyles, our bodies age and our ovarian reserve runs out as well as our eggs aging.

I had a healthy normal baby naturally conceived, born 1 week before I turned 41.  I had 5 miscarriages prior to that, and 3 subsequently.

I am not saying this to discourage you.  By all means, try!  I too know women who have been successful and perhaps you will be one of the lucky ones.  I certainly hope so.  However, at the same time, don't be afraid to look at alternatives.  We live in a day and age where we have incredible opportunities to have children well into our 40's.  They may not be the traditional ways we would prefer, but isn't it wonderful to have options?  I would see an RE sooner rather then later.  Find one who supports your dreams and is honest with you.  Whatever you decide, I wish you well!
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