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getting pregnant at 42

hi there..
i turned 42 years old last month(august). i am single but i am dying to have a baby. i have been pregnant once at 32 but that resulted in a miscarriage. im not really employed at this time but am afraid i if i dont get pregnant soon i may not be able to later. not in a committed relationship either, but you can always find a suitable male to have a baby for. please give me your opions on this situation. am i doing this for the right reasons? how do i allay my fears and wait for a better time if thats an option.

please help
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I hope u have a baby . That's all I can say. U can look for a guy who also wants baby and who will love u. Good luck
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Good luck with whatever you decide to do. Artificial insemination is always another option. I would suggest trying to get full time work...even though you can never be prepared for a child. I wish you luck and hope all works out for you!
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You don't need to be in a relationship to have a baby even though it would be alot easier financially and emotionally.  By the time you meet the right guy,  if you do,  you probably will have a hard time even conceiving.  You may have a difficult time now.  Thre are alot of guys out there that wouldn't care if they got you pregnant.
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Have you ever considered adoption? I am not at all judging you but you may want to consider bringing a baby into the world without a father figure. Consider the pros and the cons of raising a baby alone. The stress of providing financially and having enough time to parent. If in the future you meet Mr. Right will he want to parent someone elses child? There is a lot to think about. You may also not be able to carry a healthy pregnancy at your age. I am not saying that to be mean, just to be realistic. There are many ways of becoming a parent and fortunatly you don't have to be a spring chicken for all of those ways. Perhaps you could wait and consider adoption when you are in a diffrent place financially. Good luck on whatever decision you make. Please consider what kind of life you will be able to provide for a child before making up your mind.
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i would say go for it, ur baby always will be ur baby, mens comes and goes, with one paper u can married the guy and with another paper u can divorce him. if u are looking for perfect time to have a baby , u will never will going to have a baby, then befor is too late  , have a baby and enjoy raising him or her. take care of urself and best of luck
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Life to too short and your cant ever plan for the right time to have a baby. Lots if woman have babies later in life in their 40s and yes it MAY cause some risks.But if you plan it may and see a ob gyn for pre pregnancy check you should be fine. I am pregnant now and also nervous because I am 41. Good luck with your decision and remember its your life so do what' s best for you.
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I am single And have been TTC for over 2 yrs, I am 40 and have given up on dating and trying to meet Mr Right. I wish I would have done this sooner since I admit, it hasnt been easy. Our eggs are old and they do not fertilize  easy. And alot of the eggs we have are chromosomally abnormal. I have no fertility coverage on my insurance do you can bet it makes TTC even harder. I am now having to try again with a known donor and Clomid at home until my FSA starts again in Jan. if you are not working I don't see how you can afford to raise a child and you need to anticipate possibly having some trouble conceiving and whether you can afford to seek treatment. You can get a day 3 blood test to measure your hormone levels and maybe get an opinion from your gyn before you start anything. And I would certainly look at getting a job that offers fertility benefits if you can. If I didn't have so much time vested at my job I would certainly find something else. It doesn't sound like you are financially ready for a child truthfully. Adoption is likely not possible right now and if you are single adoption is only more feasible if u adopt from foster care. Otherwise it is very expensive and most agencies will only work with married couples. Sorry to be a downer. Good luck in whatever you do.
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