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going off meds while pg

So I was on effexor xr 225mg a day for years and I cant take them while pg. Its suppost to be a step up step down type med but I stopped cold turkey as its very harmfull while pg. Now I cant fall asleep at night and when i do doze off its around 5 or 6 in the monrning and i have to fight myself to get up at 730. Haven night sweats when i sleep to.  Any ideas how long this type of thing lasts and how i can safely ease the reactions?
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Can your doctor prescribe you a safe pregnant alternative? I'm afraid I don't know what they are to say more then that. Cold turkey isn't easy but I imagine as with all meds after a few days the withdrawels will ease. Best of luck x
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my dr mentioned afew meds that are safer but he doesnt thing they will be ver effective and we both prefer not to take anything. Ive been off mine for 2 weeks now and the other symptoms, like dizziness and vivid nightmares are mostly gone but the rest are so persistant.
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Being off them for two weeks already is a brilliant achievement and you should be proud of getting to far. I was imagining only a couple of days! What are they for if you don't mind me asking?
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they are for depression, anxity, type issues. My dr tried about 5 diffrent meds that had no effect before the effexor xr. I had a very bad time when my twins came at 31 weeks and had to stay in hospital 6 weeks, the dr didnt respond quickly enough when i went into labor to keep me from having alot of internal tearing so they were getting stronger while i was recovering. Unfortunatly while all this was happening my father had a massive stroke and it was disscovered he had cancer of the brain. He passed away 10 days after my twins were born and never got to see them. I had a terrable time with everything and had to go on meds to help pull me out of it.
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Hi I had a similar issue when I found out that I was pregnant. I take/was on Seroquel 300mg at night. It too is unsafe in pregnancy. My doctors told me to wean off of it  and I was ended up quitting cold turkey. It was God awful and I went thru some similar withdrawals that you have. Insomnia being the worst. It will take a few weeks or a month until you get back to normal. Sadly I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks and had to end up back on the Seroquel but now I am having my doctor properly taper me off of it.

I know you don't feel good already being that you are pregnant and then having to go thru the Effexor withdrawals~its just going to take some time until your body resets itself. I know there are some safer options with meds while you are pregnant you may want to discuss this with your doctor as well. I wish you all the best and pray that you can get some sleep!! ((hugs))
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