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hcg not doubling

Ok ladies, I was cramping a little yesterday and wasnt feeling good so I layed down all day yesterday. Got up today and was cleaning when I started cramping and having back pains. I kept going to the bathroom cause I felt like I was gonna start to bleed anytime. I called the Dr who was gone for the day but she sent me to the hopital to have levels checked. I just got them back. Monday my hcg was 6,665...tonite they are 16,443. They are not doubling and I'm scared out of my mind. I'm still having some cramping and back pain and just worried whats going to happen. The tech said that puts me into the 4-5 weeks but I'm 6 weeks tomorrow. I just don't know what to think. It's not nearly as high as I thought (or hoped) they would be. I fear that maybe my baby has stopped growing again.
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Well with my recent events- I am not a big fan of HCG and tests.

I really believe all is well with you. I get cramping from my muscles- uterus righting itself- because I am retroverted/twisted- BADLY (trust me when I say that when I have an exam- especially a pap- it is more like an archeological (sp?) dig- one doctor has to call another tp try- and pretty soon it is a whole room full.)

I had a missed miscarriage that went to 18 weeks- so I completely understand... but my doctor would NOT listen to me when I had huge backaches- and no heartbeat at 10 weeks,14wks, and then diag on routine u/s.) At least your doctor is listening to you ... :) Thinking of u. :)
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I know they haven't doubled in the 48 hours, but sometimes hcg levels do take a little longer to double. If you check online, there are a number of hcg calculators that will give you your doubling time.

I have your numbers doubling every 73.7 hours, which is still ok.

Try to relax, and try not to stress yourself over this. Stress is not good for you or the little bean.

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Your numbers don't double anymore at this point.  At least not in the 48-72 hour window.  After 1000 to 1200, doubling time slows down to 96 or so.  They will eventually level out and stop increasing all together, even dropping a bit.

The other thing is..any tech that tries to tell you how far along you are by your HCG levels is sniffing something!  You should report her, honestly. With levels as high as yours are now, the only real trustworthy test is an ultrasound!  They cannot predict how far along you are by HCG levels, the normal range is far to big.  At 5 weeks or so I was only at 4000.  I have cut and pasted some info below for you.

Normal HCG Range in Early Pregnancy

Weeks after LMP HCG levels for single baby (in mIU/ml)
3 weeks                     0 to 5
4 weeks                     5 to 426
5 weeks                        18 to 7340
6 weeks                        1080 to 56500
7 to 8 weeks                7650 to 229000
9 to 12 weeks               25700 to 288000
13 to 16 weeks              13300 to 254000
17 to 24 weeks               4060 to 165400
25 weeks to childbirth      3640 to 117000

"Normal" Doubling Time
hCG levels                                    Doubling Time
Under 1200 mIU/ml                             31-72 hours
Between 1200 to 6000 mIU/ml             72-96 hours
Over 6000 mIU/ml                            more than 96 hours

I ran your numbers through the online HCG doubling time calculator. Yours are doubling every 74 hours, which is perfect!  You are exactly where you should be, if not doubling even faster.

Lastly, mine went from 993 to 3996 in about a week, or a doubling time of every 84 hours.  Slower then yours and my little man is now 23 weeks and doing great!

I am so mad at that tech.  I have never ever had a tech or a Dr. for that matter try to tell me how far along I am by my beta numbers.  You seriously need to make sure you tell your Dr. about that, that is just plain old wrong.

Hang in there hon, your numbers are just fine. In all honesty, there isn't much point in having them drawn again, an ultrasound will give you a much better idea as to what is going on.  As for the cramps and back pain, that happens often and does not mean a thing.  You are not bleeding, and that is a huge positive.  Please let us know how you are doing.  I am keeping you in my thoughts!  Amanda
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