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how long to get pregnant post Mirena removal

How long did it take anyone out there to get pregnant after having Mirena removed?
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I am trying to find out the same thing! I had mine removed Feb 26th and on the 28th I started a heavy cycle that ended after 6-7days. I've been tryin to get pregnant since and I'm anxious to know how long it takes! Let me know if you hear anything please.
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I asked this same question in another forum.  One response said that she got pregnant after 2 mp.  Like you, I bled after removal of my Mirena (Removed on March 7, 2008) and have yet to have a mp.  Good luck!
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I too had the mirena IUD removed ( Thursday March 23) and on saturday I started bleeding some it's not very heavy. I don't know if it's my period or bleeding from the removal. My problem is when I had the IUD I didn't get my period for months only some very light spotting once in a while so now that I am IUD free I don't know when my period is due or anything like that. During the removal my Dr. said that the IUD was half way out so her guess was it was coming out on its own. She said that may have been why I had no period. So now that I am trying to get pregnant I am having all these questions that I have no answer to, so I understand and wish you the best of luck. If I find out anything I will let you know. Although on another site I was on alot of women said they got pregnant right away like days after and some weeks after, try looking at other sites.                                                          

                                                             Thank you
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I had my mirena removed a couple months ago, and bled lightly for about a week after.  I've had two periods separate from that since, but are very abnormal for me.  I've always had very light periods that disappeared with the mirena in, these last two have been very very heavy and only a couple days long.  My second one was more than 28 days after the first, and I used to always be very punctual.  I was very excited since I figured no period meant pregnancy, but turns out it was just later than expected :/  My first pregnancy happened in less than 2 weeks post birth control pills, so I guess I was spoiled into thinking this time would be that fast as well.
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ok, i think im pregnant...i have the mirena  iud, but for aabout a week or so...i have been eating like a cow,heartburn,morning sickness,cramps, the whole 9 yards...i have not had a mp...in over a year...so i dont know if i missed it or not...i took 4 pregnancy tests all say the same neg. but im all out of sorts......i have a blood pregnancy test on the 21st and have also opted to have my iud removed so that if i am not...i can be....problem is that i have read a few other sites...and the word is...that with the iud inplace...sometimes it does not show up if you really are with the at homes nor in the blood tests.......some 1 help......
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Did you ever get pregnant after the Mirena IUD was removed?  I had mine removed in Oct 09 and have had two misscarriages since.  I don't know if it is from the IUD or not but I'm heartbroken!  I had it in for 4years and have told friends it was wonderful not to bleed every month.  I'm going to the Doc in two weeks for testing to see if everything is ok because I have two kids and both those pregnancys were normal.  
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