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joyfulmom and open forum.....the bella band

I just wanted to tell you about the bella band.  I found it at a maternity boutique, but I was searching online, and it looks like there's plenty of places to find them.  Here's a link to the website for the company that makes them.  


Just wanted to pass on the info to you.  I haven't worn mine yet, as I just bought it.  I have tried it on with some of my tight shorts and it does work!  

Happy and healthy pregnancy!!
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I hadn't heard of these and MANY of my pants and shorts have gotten too tight in the waist.. I think I will run out today and get this..  Thanks a bunch for sharing..

I'm 11w4d today... since about 7-8 weeks I've noticed that my clothes were getting tighter around the waist, but I knew it was too early to be "showing".. it was more like just weight gain..  This week I think I am actual starting to show a little bit.. my belly is starting to protrude a little down low by the pelvic bone and there is the added cushion I have been gaining just below the belly button...

How far along are you?  When did you start showing?  Did it happen similar to what I've described or differently?  

take care, hannah
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I'd be curious to hear from a "real wearer" how these look. I have some jeans that are too small, but I wonder if the button or zipper on the pants would still dig into your skin?
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I am 14w1d.
I was real sick around the 7-8wk period, no morning sickness, I had an intestinal virus that lasted 8 days, YUCK!   At about week 10, I did start to notice my clothes tighter around the waist, and like you said in a post somewhere else, it was more like a pot belly.  It was up high, I almost felt swollen.  Anyway, when I hit about 12wks, I did notice that the pot belly was gradually growing to the lower abd area too.  This too is my first pregnancy, so it's all new to me.  

I am glad that I found the bella band because I hate to go out and buy clothes now since the season is ending soon.  I'm hoping that it will get me through the rest of the summer.  I just know that the fall/winter is when I am going to need clothes.

Regggie.......I don't know, it may not be as comfortable as it seems, but I intend to try it out and I will let you know!  My shorts and several capri's are just now getting unbearable to wear, so I'm hoping the band gets me through the summer.  

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ive never worn one, but i have heard they dont work very well for some, and others say they love them. i would think if your pretty slim it would work, but if your rounder, it might roll.  im the rounder type lol so i never tried it.  i have seen them on ebay, brand new and in diffrerent colors for less $$$. might be worth a try.  im 22 weeks and have been wearing maternity pants for some time lol. second pregnancy.  i can still get my reg pants on and buttoned, but they are TIGHT!!!!.  however i woke up today and i look 8 months!! im so swollen, girls watch your salt!! it sucks to swell.  :(
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I went out and bought one today but it is another brand. "The Tummy Sleeve"  The material is thinner than I thought it would be.  I expected it to be like a cotton-spandex blend t-shirt material.. this is thinner like cotton-spandex blend undies.. If figured I would give it try and see... Would you say the bella is thin also or maybe a little thicker?  From the internet you can't really get a good visual of the material texture.

Thanks again.!!
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im not sure but i think they sell the bella band at motherhood maternity stores.
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Spec - I looked at the package.  The tummy sleeve is made from nylon spandex..

Perykitty - I bought the tummy sleeve at motherhood maternity and this was the only brand they had... I'm pretty sure it is their own brand.. on the bella web page it lists places in my state where you can buy them, but no where close by.. no biggy tho.. this one might work out just fine.. we'll see..
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The tag on mine says 84% nylon / 16% spandex.  The best way for me to describe it is it feels like a pair of biker shorts, the older kind that people use to wear under their aerobic shorts.  No, the bella is not a very thick material.  I did try it on though and plan to wear it in the next several days, so I'll let you know.  The main thing that I think it is supposed to help with is smoothing down the unbuttoned pant/zipper area so that it doesn't stick out.  I tried it on and it does work, but I haven't worn it for an extended period of time.  I do plan to wear it in the next couple of days, so I'll give you the update on how it worked for me.
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Thanks so much for the information!  I will for sure look online and see where I can get some.  I'm only 9 weeks and can only fit comfortably in one pair of pants for work!  I have jeans that still fit, but can't wear them to work.  I don't think I even eat a whole lot, and I seem to be expanding in my belly quickly!  lol

Happy and healthy pregnancy to you too!  :)
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I have the tummy sleeve also :O) It works great you can keep your pants unbuttoned and zipped and it just looks like you have a shirt on under what you are wearing...layering is in right now thank goodness :O)
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I have been the same way.. I actually think I am eating less because I get full and can't eat another bite... and I often feel uncomfortable full... but my pants keep getting tighter and tighter in the waist... but when I would look in the mirror.. I wouldnt' see a baby belly just a new cushionie (I think I made that word up) spot just below the belly button.. I'm almost 12wk now and am just starting to 'maybe' see a baby belly starting to develope.  
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