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letting go!

Uugghh i have to type and let someone read this. im 21 and im 33 weeks pregnant. This baby was not planned at all but i never wish to take it back...im stressing a little because of the stress my boyfriend is going throught its gotten better but i just wish things would work out better. He is due November 17 but he could come before then. I havr a bassinet and about 40 outfits for him one box of diapers a baby carrierand that's it..my boyfriends mother is getting me and him a stroller and a car seat i still need alot more stuff but money is running very tight.we live with my parents for $500 a month. I just dont know what to do. I need more help.
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Actually for a newborn you don't need anything else, except more diapers - but don't buy them now as you don't know how long they will use the smallest size (my son only used size 1 for 2 weeks). I highly recommend breastfeeding - for a million reasons but also because it will save you tons of money.  There are tons of baby gadgets out there that are expensive but you don't really need them - your baby needs a place to sleep, food (breastmilk or formula), clean comfortable clothes, and a carseat and stroller/carrier - those are the essentials and it seems like you have them which is great.  You don't need an expensive baby bath - baby stores sell foam inserts for the bath for about $7 - that is all we ever used for my son and just put it directly in the bath tub with only about an inch of water.

It is also good that you live with you parents and that his parents are helping out - they should also be able to give you some support.  I also highly recommend consignment stores if you are on a budget - no need to buy things brand new since babies use them only briefly.  

Good luck and try not to stress.  I am sure that things will work out.
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Thank so very much i needed someone to tell me that...i feel so much better now
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I agree with the comment above. Also you can buy clothes and other stuff you might need at Burlington coat factory and ross for cheap. So dont stress. Relax and deep breaths. Everything will work out (:
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I agree too. Don't beat yourself up about what you don't have. All babies need are diapers, food, clothes, carseat, and a place to sleep. I think stores, commercials, magazines try to convince us we need all this extra stuff but we don't. Some of it is nice to have but not a necessity. When my mom had me and my brothers half this stuff didn't exist and she did just fine caring for us.
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You guess are all right thank you so much
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You and your baby will be perfect!  GOD brought you to it he WILL bring you through it!! All the best.
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U can also use one more stuff which wil save u lotsa money, dat is washable nappies instead of diapers.. Use diapers only wen u go take d baby out mayb at night.. This is time consuming, but if u are mot working n staying home full time, its a great idea n wil help u save lotsa money!! U also get nappy pads dat r cheaper than diapers.. U jus stick it on d washable nappys n use them.. These r not reusable though..
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