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Hi I just did my first lovenox injection and think I might not be doing it right.  I really had to push very hard for the needle to go in then it stopped about a third of the way and I had to jam it in the rest of the way.  does this sound right?  I have plenty of fat so it's not as if I got held up on muscle or anything.  I'm hoping the needle might have been blunt because if not then along with the burning this is going to be pretty barbaric for the next 8 months
Anyone have thoughts or tips for me?
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I wish I did.  However, I do want to wish you lots of SSBD.
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Thank you so much!!!
I'm really nervous this is my 5th pregnancy and am hoping/praying this is the one
every little thing freaks me out. I am going for my ultrasound on Tuesday I will be 6 weeks 6days then and have my fingers crossed the heartbeat will be nice and strong.
Kisses to you and your tummy.
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yes i believe the needle must have been blunt, because the needle should just slide in.  I took lovenox for 2 months because i got a blood clot in my left calf from taking birth control pills, and then had to be on coumadin for another 6 months of anticoagulation.    In addition i am a nurse and have to give lovenox injections all the time and teach people how to do their own injections. I am not an OB nurse and I am curious why your are taking lovenox during your pregnancy, do you have a previous clotting issue with your pregnancies?  I am just asking because I am wondering if i am going to have to be on lovenox because of my clotting history when i become pregnant?  Jennifer Lilly RN/BSN
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Hello!! good luck - the 5th pregnancy is hopefully the charm!! i'm also on my 5th at 22 weeks - i'm taking heparin.(same thing basically but its twice a day). its not a prefilled syringe which i believe that lovenox might be.. but yes when my needle is dull it is hard to get thru my skin and can get stuck half way as well!    I did fertilty drugs in my belly for a long time as well so i also think that my skin has just gotten more thick around my stomach and that also might be a cause!.. but no  matter what the discomfort the heparin is working, we have made it further this time than any other time and praying this is it!!!  GOOD LUCK on your ultrasound!!!! keep us updated and CONGRATS! : ) : )
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I'm taking Lovenox too and have been on it for about 7 months.  I really will be happy not to have to take it anymore.   I've never had an issue with the shot, and the needles has a very small gauge (width for lack of a better word), so it just slides in.  I pinch my skin under my belly button and then insert the needle straight in ...not at an angle.  I also inject the medication slowly.  When I didn't inject it slowly I'd get welts.    But make sure you are pinching your skin and putting the needle in where the skin is...you may have hit tissue or something.  

BTW...medication totally stings....I hate that part.
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Hi everyone

Yes I think it was a blunt on because the one I did yesturday and today's were much much easier Thank God!  

I hate the stinging too.. Anything is bearable for a cute little bundle of joy.  I crossing fingers for us all

I have to take the lovenox because after I lost Perdita they did some genetic testing and found out I have the factor V leiden mutation I also have to take a baby aspirin everyday..  I don't know Jennifer if you will have to take it during pregnancy if your  clot was caused by the birth control but I would probably tell my OB about your history and maybe they could test to see if you are at higher risk for clots

Thanks for the responses  everyone :0)
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Hi Everyone,

I am new to the forum.  I am 18 weeks pregnant and still taking Lovenox.  I am taking it because I had a T.I.A - mini stroke while started our last IVF cycle - due to the birth control pills.  They also found a hole in my heart so I had that repaired as well.  I was taking aspirin - full dose prior to getting pregnant.  I will only be on Lovenox for about another week - I have an appointment on Thursday - and then probably go back to aspirin but I believe they said when I deliver I will probably go back to the lovenox for a bit.  

The thing to remember with the pre-filled syringes - flick at the tube so that the air bubble is at the top then gently push the syring up to remove the air, then inject.  after you have injected rub that spot with your hand for about 5 minutes - it hurts less that way.  yes you will have some "bubbles" in your thigh but they do go away - it still hurts a bit but really not as much.  

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