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menopause and pregnant

missed my period this month...me and my husband checked if I am pregnant...but it came out negative...could it be cause I used a cup and soaked it for 2 seconds only.I am 51 but still having my regular period..me and my husband are trying hard to have a baby.we plaaned to check it again this weekend....if it's still a negative could I be on the way to menopause..have read that clomid tablets,a fertility tablets held...how true is it?again got loads od symptoms of being pregnant,bloating from abdomen ,eating much,cramps,boobs bigger and heavy,missed my period,fatigue,dizzy spells,strong smell of urine....anyone there,,need your opinion....
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anything is possible if your still ovulating every month.  Do you use an OPK each month to check your surge and check your bbt to see if it elevates?  Try these and also see your obgyn to test your homones and see if there still in range.
I am officially in perimenopause at 44, unfortunatly I think you are also in perimmenopause and begining to skip periods now.  All those prego symptoms you are feeling ar also perimenopausal symptoms also.
You can find all kinds of great books on Peri / menopause good luck!
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Hi Lucy,  You have been going through this for at least 2 months now.  Honestly, you really have to see a Dr.  We cannot tell you here if you are pregnant or not, only a Dr. can tell you.  My heart goes out to you as I know how badly you want this.  If you see your Dr., and your not pregnant, perhaps he can help you make decisions that will get you there. There are all sorts of options.  I truly wish you luck!!
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I can sense how incredibly passionate you are to become pregnant!  I have read all your prior posts, and by this time, I am probably 100% certain that you are not pregnant.  You are most likely entering menopause, and symptoms of perimenopause and menopause can be copycats of pregnancy like symptoms.  I suggest you see an RE to see what your options are of donor eggs, and or other fertility treatments.  I do not know the cost of these options, but I have a 44 yr old girlfriend that is going the donor egg route, and she just put a $10,000 deposit down to go on a list.  I'm sure more money is required when the donor egg and actual procedure becomes available.  Would you ever consider adoption?  Whatever the means, I wish you happiness and much success in your quest to have a child!
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I went through a donor egg process & had a baby in April (am 45).  PamelaBee's right - perimenopause and pregnancy symptoms are often similar so going by one's symptoms to determine pregnancy is nearly impossible.

I suggest you see a reproductive endocrinologist ASAP to see about your options.  There are women 50+ who've gone the donor egg route and have had children so whatever path you take, I wish you much luck and if you have any questions, please let me know - jennifer
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