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negative a blood type

what causes negative A blood type in the pregnacy?
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I am not sure what you are asking.  "A neg." is a blood type.  "A" blood type is actually AO.   A person can have one of four blood types A (AO), B (BO), O (OO) or AB.  Then you are also either positive or negative for rhesus factor.  Your blood type does not change during pregnancy.  
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Are you talking about your blood type, or the fetus?  Are you talking about complications with the rH factor?  That is when the mother has a negative blood type and the fetus is positive because the father has positive blood.  That is the only time there is an issue.
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Why is it that my body rejected my DH's & DET embies?  I'm Neg. & he is Pos.  Our Doc informed us that my body built up a defense toward the 3 DET and destroyed them as being foreign-objects in my body . . . unrecognizable and therefore . . . resulted in a CP in Oct. 2008.  DH had 7 vials of blood drawn.  Our Doc made me a vaccination with it, and injected both my arms twice with it.  He indicated that I'd need another dose when DET #2 takes place to insure that the embies stick .. . this time.  We are praying that we will have Valentine-angel-baby nxt. mo.  Has anyone heard of this, or even experienced this with any success?  Thanks for your enlightenment.  
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I am O positive and my spouse is O positive. I have a daughter that had a problem pregnancy and the cause was that she was RH negative. How can that occur?
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You are referring to the RH factor which makes the blood type positive or negative.  

I'm not sure of the order if the mom's negative and the baby's positive blood type that could lead to issues.   I think it's the mom being negative.  So if thisi s the situation for you , they give you a shot of Rhogam and you're fine.   Big deal.  

RH factor is just luck of the draw in anatomy......some people are positive and some are negative, just like some people have blue eyes and others have green.  
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I don't know how that is possible.  (?)  I've read that it takes 2 neg parents to make a neg offspring.  That's why I'm neg, bc both of my parents are also.  I've already had 2 pos sons w/o any additional, painful, injections.  Thank God!
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