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perimenopause vs pregnancy

I am an old timer here.  I have a question that I would like some opinions on.  My periods are pretty regular, most the time every 28 to 30 days.  This month when it ended I started spotting on CD14 for 4 days.  Just drops. 1 pad a day at the most.  I never have mid cycle bleeding.  My real period was due 4 days ago.  I have backaches, ovarian pain - you name it.  Obgyn believes it to be the begining of the end and that it was low estrogen that caused the spotting.  I do too.  But I wonder if I will have another period or how long I'm going to have wait.  The pains feel similar to those I had when I was pregnant along time ago, but I seriously doubt it.  How do you tell the difference between perimenopause and pregnancy symptoms?
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I read that the only difference is morning sickness!

They truely can mimic eachother and some women have therefore ended up with a surprise baby not expecting until they were quite advanced that they were pregnant.

A pregnancy test when your period should be due would probably give you a clear answer.

Best wishes
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Thanks for the response.  I never had morning sickness with my daughters nor with any of my 3 miscarriages.  Not part of my MO.  But your right, a test would be the only real way to give me an answer.
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Hey Lisa!!  It's been a very long time.  I hope all is well and it's great to see you posting.

I'm going through this right now myself.  Every month around O time and as I get closer to AF, I too get pregnancy like symptoms.  Sore breasts, the works.  We are ttc again, so the only way I know is when AF arrives.  It drives me crazy.

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I am 48 an old timer for real not expecting this and confused.  I have had every symptom and my stomach is steaedily growing took several ptest and they say negative.  My cycle stopped 10/12/2012.  Am I CRAZY or WHat HELP
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I just turned 46 but when I was 42, i was told that I was premenopausal.  I have been having unprotected sex all that time because of what of what I was told. I had all of the premenopausal (hot flashes, bloated, irregular periods) i would get my period for 6 months and it would be MIA for the other six month, for the last year other than my period still being irregular I haven't had any premenopausal symptoms at all but now I have all new symptom like nausea, heartburn, gas, fatigue, and a dull feeling in both my breast, I took two pg test two weeks ago and they were neg. don't don't if I took to soon or not at the right time of day .... Does anyone else have these symptoms? Do you what my problem could be?
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Hi, ladies!
How are you doing, what is your news? Hope you are doing well.
Good luck on your TTC!!! Hope Miracle'll happen to you soon.

Sending lots of love, prayers and healing to all you.
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Im so confused. I don't know whats going on with my body. Im 43 have had my tubes tied 15 years ago. I got an early period today. This one was very different. I experienced different symptoms. very bad lower backache for two days I could barely walk and pain in my lower right pelvic area. today what i thought was a period was just clumps of blood passing I was observing the whole day nothing but clumps of blood not a stream of blood (like a cycle). Im worried that I had a miscarriage.could it just be me experiencing perimenopause symptoms or is it something to really be concerned with?
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