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pregnancy anemia

i had a scare and had to have some blod work an incidentally they found all my blood work too low esp. my h&h and my platelets. the only number i have is my hgb is 9. has anyone had pregnancy anemia. and does it affect the baby or delivery or anything. i am 21 weeks
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I have been borderline anemic for years. In order to increase my levels my OB has me on iron supplements in addition to my prenatal vitamins (which also have iron).  It in no way is impacting my pregnancy, and right now the plan is for me to deliver naturally, unless something unforseen happens.  They will watch for blood loss as for us anemics minimal blood loss can be a bit more serious, but other then that, no problem.  I am certain your Dr. will just add an iron supplement to your daily vitamins, that will probably be all.  It's pretty common, and nothing to worry about.  Congrats on being at that 1/2 way mark!!!
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i was anemic during my second pregnancy...my hgb was an 8...i was taking additional iron with my prenatal...i was on the brink of having a transfusion but gave birth early...i am sure you will be monitored closely and your doctor will give you the appropriate meds for it...and you will be fine. wishing you the best of luck!
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what are the signs of being anemic? I'm 29 weeks pregnant but wouldnt know if I had a problem with It. Thanks
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I am exactly like Adgal.  Both my pregnancies I had to supplement with Iron, and I also ate tons of iron rich food.  After the birth of my son, I had PPH, I had to have a blood transfusion.  My iron levels were very low.  The PPH has absolutely nothing to do with anemia, but because I was anemic during my pregnancy, it really took a toll on me in terms of my energy level.  Days later I was 100%.  Just keep taking your iron pills and eat lots of iron fortified foods.  Also your HGB is not bad at all, I think they like to see 10 or over.
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You would have been told if your iron was low at 29 weeksor before from prior bloodwork.  You are fine.
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thakyou everyone, i love this site because u don't feel alone..they put me on repliva se-vate. i have to see a prenatal cardiologist because all of my blood work is soo off and i am symptomatic with sob, heart palpitation, fatigue.. etc...i will keep everyone utd
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I was just told that I'm very anemic and my doctor has me on iron supplements twice a day and he said that if mine doesn't increase by December 1st then I have to go to the hospital once a week until my c section to get iron transfusions??  He's very concerned about blood loss for me during the c section as not only am I on heparin but I have a marginal placenta previa.  I'm a little worried about this blood loss thing :-(

PamelaBee...What's PPH?
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Sorry...Post Partum Hemorrhaging
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As I mentioned earlier I am on iron supplements and my last labs were excellent.  They can work well in rising your iron to the appropriate level.  As for the worry about blood loss, I had extensive blood loss with one m/c and was beginning to hemoragge with the second.  They watch it carefully, so don't worry.  They will monitor you and make sure you are doing ok.  
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