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pregnant and anxiety

Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right forum so I will post in a few different places.  I am 26 years old and 5 weeks pregnant.  I get massive panic attacks.  Mostly when I drive.  I can usually control the panic just by having my xanax of clonopin with me.  I only take the pills if I am having a really bad day and I can feel the panic building.  Ususally this is only 4-5 times a month.  Since I found out I am pregnant the anxiety and panic attacks are getting much worse because I don't think I am suppossed to take any benzodiazepams.  The attacks are so bad I can't breath.  I have done alot of research (aka googling hehe) and there is alot of conflicting information out there.  Does anyone have any PERSONAL EXPERIENCE with taking antianxiety, specifically xanax or clonopin during pregnancy?  I don't want opinions or judgement please!  I have tremendous guilt over this.  I would love to hear some personal experiences good and/or bad.  Give it to me straight. PLEASE!
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i replied in the other forum...
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Hi Jules,    I had TERRIBLE anxiety and panic when I was pregnant with my son 8 yrs ago.  I also have a anxiety disorder.  I was on a antidepresent and klonopin when I was pregnant with my son bc the anxiety was so bad. I understand what you are going through.  I felt terrible having to take the meds but I was going crazy with non stopping anxiety.  My son was born completely healthy.  Thank God!  I did develop Post partum depression/anxiety after he was born.  My advice to you would be start seeing a good doctor who can prescribe the correct meds and go to therapy.  Give yourself all the support can.  If you want to chat more I am here.  Good luck!!!  
Debbie-24 weeks pregnant
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THank you so much.  It is such a comfort to know I am not the only one.  Sometimes I think about it all day and get myself so upset that I can't calm down.  Then I feel like a terrible, terrible person because I know I'm not suppossed to take anything.  My anxiety is focused on driving.  So I'll get to work ok because my husband works in the next building and he follows me in my car.  But, if we aren't going to get out of work the same time, and i need to make the drive home by myself (which is only literally 5 miles) I'll think about it non-stop at work and have anxiety about the driving all day long.  Then when I finally get in the car I'm already almost in a full blown panic and I can't move.  It is such a terrible feeling.  I spoke to my Dr. but he just keeps saying I am at a critical time in the pregnancy and shouldn't take anything.  I might just call my internal medicine Dr. and see if I can talk to him.  I mean, the anxiety can't be good for the baby can it?  What dose of Klonopin were you on?  Did you take it once a day?  I feel like I could be ok if I could just take it once a day in the afternoon to get me through the drive home.  And I don't need it on weekends.  Thank you so much for responding.  It feels good to be able to talk to someone who understands and won't judge!!
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Hi Jules...
I am also taking xanax this pregnancy for seizures and extreme anxiety..I also used it in my last pregnancy..Yes, benzo's are routinely avoided during pregnancy because of birth defects (ie:cleft palat, breathing issues at birth; etc) However, low  doses (no more than 3 mgs daily) seem to be relatively safe. It's those who take larger amounts whom might see harmful side effects...I was taking the max dose of 8 mgs daily when I found I was expecting...have since SLOWLY cut down to 2 mgs..my OB is fine with it. I hope this helps...I KNOW anxiety *****. ..I wish ya luck!! :-D
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I've had anxiety I think,  what did you anxiety feel like I've been up in down with emotions and sometimes my body aches or I feel like I need to jump and for the last 2 weeks my face has been tingling and has been numb. What do you all think. Its scary.
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Hi Jules,

I don't rememer the exact dose but I think it was like 1 or 2 mg (I think that is the correct unit of measurement??) daily.  I have struggled with anxiety for a good part of my life.  It is very easy for the anxiety to take over your life and really reduce your quailty of liife.  I believe that for me my terrille anxiety during pregnancy led to me have PPD/PPA.  Do you belong to a place of worship that you could go to for extra support?  It is key to surround yourself with other supportive people.  I would really go to a good psychologist as well and therapy.  I think your little one will be just fine. You have to take care of you so that you can your best for your baby:)  
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