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pressured to do amnio gos of results

Hi ladies please can you tell me if anyone has had same nuc, results as me and blood results, my nuc fold was 2.3 and bloods were 260, I want to know if anyone has refused amnio with same results and my age and have given birth to a healthy little baby, I have a son 14 and a daughter 7 and there were no tests as these and both my kids are healthy, I do not want to take the risk of amnio as we lost a baby last year at 6 weeks.
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Results from the screenings can be very stressful as there is no certainty and there are many false positives.  I am sure that you will find people with similar numbers that went on to have healthy babies, as well as some that did not.

The amnio does carry some risk - but keep in mind that the actual rate of risk depends on who does the procedure and you can find out the rates of miscarriages after amnios from different practitioners. I had a CVS and the doctor who did mine had a rate of like 1 in 25,000 (which is really really low).  But the decision is so personal and I would not recommend doing it if you have any hesitation.

You might want to look into a new test - called the maternit21 plus - it is almost as accurate as an amnio but much less invasive (only a blood test).  It screens for trisomy 21, 18, and 13.  I don't know much about it but someone posted about it recently on this forum.  Maybe you could ask your Dr. about it.

good luck.  
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Thanks dol for your post, I just find it scary as this is relativly new testing in New Zealand and don't trust it. thanks have awsome day
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2.3 is not really that high at all.  Anything over 3.0 is considered a result that needs further testing from what I understand.  I refused all testing with number 3 except for the scan and the result was 1.8.  My little one is a happy healthy one year old.  If you don't want to do additional testing don't.  I didn't because I knew it would change nothing for me and there are so many false positives.  Good luck.
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I had a eading of 2.3 for one of mine but blood and age bought it down to 1:30,  I wouldnt worry about the 1:260, its just short of the 1:300 mark where they dont worry about further testing, but if you feel you would want to know for your own personal reasons, then the only other way is the amnio, I had that done and it was uncomfortable but we got thru it, I have since had 3 more children and have not an amnio's with any of them... there is a new blood test available so I have just found out, but of course its not available here in australia or nz yet and its really accurate and can be done from 10wk, I wish they would hurry up and get it over here !!
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Thank you so much xo
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Oh I know it kind of makes me wonder just because some guy invented this test if it really is accurate or it's just another damn thing they just want us to worry about,like there is'nt enough for us to worry about, thank you just getting it of my chest and to know i'm not alone in this is awsome xo
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Congratulations on your pregnancy. Here are my thoughts on amnio and other prenatal tests: if YOU want to know, do it...but if you don't want/need to know, don't let anyone pressure you into it.

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