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pssssttt... Tomorrow is Brayden's Birthday TOO!!!! YAY!!!

I woke up today and my legs and feet were bigger then Fred Flinstone's!! I went to the doctor first thing this morning and was hooked up to the monitors and had blood tests done and the whole nine yards and they decided that it would be best for Brayden and Myself if he came out now! So, we are scheduled for induction tomorrow morning at 8 am!! I will let everyone know as soon as I can. We don't have wireless access so it may be a couple days!! Wish me luck.. I AM SOOOOOO EXCITED... but OH SO NERVOUS!!!! It so feels like the first time I've had a baby!! I am still in shock!!! Hope Maddie doesn't mind sharing her big day!!!!
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I am soooo happy for you!!!  You are so lucky to get your little baby boo tomorrow!!!  I can't wait to see pics!!! ahhhh I am so jealous of you both!!! haha
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I am sooo excited for  you!!!!!!!!!!!! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers =) I wish you the speediest and safe  labor and delivery! Push Girl Push !!!!!! I cant wait to see his handsome pics!!! Woo Whooo how exciting.. wow what a exciting week this is for all  the med help babies! Good luck Patty!  Post when you can.

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Yay Patty!!!
Tomorrow is going to be a day of miracles! We'll say prayers for you and just know that all will be just fine.
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yay patty

congrats and ill be thinking of you
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Oh Patty, how cool is this!!?  Congrats! Can't wait to see pictures  :))  
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Thanks Ladies!!!!! There isn't wireless access at the hospital but I will let you all know as soon as I can how everything went and post pics asap!!

((Big Hugs to you All!!))
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WTH....can't you tell the hospital that you're PCARSEY for Pete's sake and get them to install wireless before tomorrow. As if.

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congrats!!!!  sounds like tomorrow is going to be a busy day!!!!!  Good luck and can't wait to get details and pictures!!!!!!!
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Good Luck!! I'll be praying for you both!...I forget when was your due date??..... I guess from other people respondes that vsentz is getting induced too?(I'll read when I get done here).....Today is Eva's birthday and I was induced with her so Ive been there! ((((BIG HUGS))))
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YAY!!!!!! hoping you have a fast safe delivery and post pics as soon as your ready!!!!!
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Patti...(((YAY))) !!!!  I am so happy for you!!!  Finally time to starting enjoying!!!! I will be thinking of you and Brayden and wishing you a safe and speedy delivery!!!!  I will be looking out for your posts!!!

Muncho Luv!!! Delma
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Heres to a safe easy delivery.  Its so exciting, in less then 24 hours you should have your beautiful boy in your arms...Good luck!! and huge congratulations!!
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Wow Pattie!! That is so awesome!! I bet you won't get any sleep at tonight, but wait you probably don't anyway!!! Good luck tomorrow and we will be thinking of you and your little man. Make sure you wish a very Happy Birthday from all of us!!!!
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Wow!!!!! This is great..... Happy Birthday Brayden!  This will definatetly be a Special Mother's Day for you!

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That is so awesome.  We'll get two new board babies tomorrow!  

You guys better share details!  Good luck.
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that is awesome.. congrats.. 2 babies born tomorrow.. well hopefully brayden is tomorrow:) i was induced and they broke my water at 1230ish..nothing happened 4pm they put me on pitocin and 1146 i gave birth...the hospital was REALLY busy that day the dr was running from room to room and the women were screaming.. making me all scared
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Wishing you all the best!  
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havent been on in forever but wanted to wish you good luck tomorrow and we cant wait to see Brayden :O)
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pcarsey -  SO EXCITING!!!!

are you having a csection, or induced vaginal birth?

Can't wait to see pics!!!!!!
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Thanks so much Ladies!! Each and every one of you!! It really means so much to have had your continual support throughout the last 9 months and now!! I will be thinking of you all tomorrow too!! =o)

Stephie- I'm doing the ole vaginal birth thing.. unless they want to do a c-section!

I should probably go into a little more details from today.. My BP was 146/100, I am dilated to 3.. it was 2 1/2 yesterday, I was having contractions 3 minutes apart and NOT feeling ANY of them!!... and OH MY you should see my legs ankles and feet!! Lord have mercy I think an elephant literally took over the bottom half of me!! I gained 5 lbs since Monday ladies.. this **** is NO fun!! I am swelled so much my veins hurt!! I can not wait to get him out and get rid of some of this water!! I just hope it comes out fairly quickly!!!

I will be thinking of you all and Thanks again so much!!
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Wow, how exciting!!! Good Luck! Let us know everything AS SOON AS YOU CAN!!!!
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Oh I will.. I promise!!
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WELL I am sooo excited for you!!!! Good Luck and don't be gone too long. Message us as sooon as you get back!!
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Patty- I am so excited for you girl!! Get lots of rest tonight and please keep us posted. I am saying a special prayer for you two tonight. Sheri
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