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tww-ers, any left?

I wonder if I'm the only waiter left, lol. I swore I wasn't going to do it this cycle and here I go. 11dpo, the lucky #. My chart looks very similar to last one, post-o. Including a temp spike today. Now I am itching to poas. Tomorrow is 8/8. Last bfp 7/7. See what I mean??? Maybe a $tree fix to hold me off and quench the urge. I was doing so good until I put the charts on top of each other and saw the pattern. Geeze.
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Do it!!  It is driving me nuts, and I have to know!! lol I am crossing everything and praying you will see a second line.  I was itching at 7 dpo, you have done extremely well waiting until 11.  I'll be waiting for your update :)  
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Tina do it :O)  no peer pressure from us or anything LOL.  I'm dying to know.  I will check in 1st thing tomorrow.  thoughts prayers and super duper sticky baby dust head to your house tonight
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Wow 11dpo and you haven't tested yet?? This is soooooo unlike you??  Test.. don't test... test... don't test... test... don't test... test... test... test... test... test... test... test... oh yeah the tests have it!!  

I'll be checking in first thing tomorrow.. Good luck girl... You can do it!!  Hannah
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I stopped at the $tree and did one this evening, stark white, lol. Of course, it's a bad test...I never had any luck w/$tree, hehe. I'll do another in the am. I'm holding out for a frer on Fri. I'll burn the cheap ones for now.
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Ok, 5am and did another. There is "something" there. I just can't tell if it has color it's so faint. It could very well be an evap. I'll try again tomorrow. At least there's something to ponder :)
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Well.. i've never used the $tree ones so I don't have any experiences with their reliability.. but in my experience evap lines come MUCH later... this is a good sign but I understand your cautious optimism....  Now the suspense is going to kill me!!!  :)  

Hey Tina on another subject... Am I just being way to sensitive or are some people in the fertility forum becoming increasingly rude to posters who don't fit into their preconceived idea of what a post should be about..  For the last week I have felt that way and had really started to limit the number of posts I read.. really just checking up on certain peoples progress, but then I saw another rude post today... it is so sad to me because I love that forum and now it just makes me angry/sad... am I just being hormonal and over sensitive?  I need some perspective.. Thanks.. hannah
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No, not sensitive at all. I have seen several of those posts myself. I have responded to a few of them the way they should be and noted to the "rude" poster that this is where medhelp placed the post. One was on teen pregnancy. The poster was correct, that was what they put it under. The reply poster told them it was an IVF forum and they basically needed to go away. I think many of the regulars are feeling the same. I think that's why we see more posts to a specific person only. I've been doing it more myself. Time should straighten it back out. It comes in waves.

I stopped at Walgreen's on the way to work and bought a frer. Did it when I got to work. I don't think there's a line, but I see a hint of a trace. My sister sees it, too. But, like she said, it's probably just because we both want to see it so bad, we're imagining it. You have to strain really hard to see whatever it is. I'll do another w/fmu and see what happens, lol.
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Hey Tina - have ya done another test yet?????  You know we are all waiting and hoping for you!  Best of luck!

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Yeah I have noticed the same thing there and just read a few posts....I was just wondering yesterday what happened over there....thats why I'm glad alot of us LONG TIMERS are over here even if not all have BFP's yet :O)

Tina ooooh I posted to you on the other forum about testing today......something there I am so excited and can't wait till tomorrow ......I LOVE FRER...I told ya because you need the hernia surgery this will be it :O)  I will patiently wait till tomorrow
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My experience with FRER is if it is bfn, you can't even trick your eyes into seeing a line, no matter what lighting you look at it in.. The one time I could trick myself into seeing a line where I thought a line would be if it was positive, was when I got my bfp the next day.. hmmmmm something to think about.. :)

as for the other forum....okay, I'm glad I'm not crazy (well not about this anyway)... hopefully like you said it will pass...  

Good luck tomorrow and don't forget and let that fmu get away.. Hannah
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tina im cheering for you!! the $tree were sometimes hard to figure out for me, id swear i saw something.  i agree i dont venture to the fertility very often.  i check in because i want to know who has a bfp, but i feel some of them yell a bit.  has anyone ever heard again from javajess??  i know she was having morning sickness, but i dont think she has been on in a long time. i hope its all ok with her twins.  im 21 weeks now and i still dont feel addison move very much.  it stresses me out!! ok this is stupid because im pg, and i know i am very thankful, but my addiction to poas makes me feel like i want to haha. not sure why.......
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