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weight gain check in

Hey all just went to my dr. I am 21w 5d and I have gained 15lbs (taking into account that I gained 6 in the 3 weeks of christmas and new years ;P )... I told dr that I was concerned as 2 years ago I lost 100lbs and don´t want to see it all come back... She said I was right on and not to worry.  I gained 3 lbs in the last 3 weeks and I don´t want to gain a pound a week till the end.  I am aiming for 1/2lb a week which would bring me to exactly 25lbs total.  Yesterday I went to the gym and walked on the treadmill for 1/2 hour and I am trying to tame my eating some.  My appitiet isn´t as bad now as it was aroung 15-20 weeks... sooooo where areyou all at?
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you are doing great!!!  I on the otherhand am only 9wks 5 days and have gained 10lbs!!!!  And.....I had an additional 10 from my last pregnancy that I left on to better my chances at getting prego!!!!  I always gain 45-60lbs.  Don't know what it is....I like to eat.  I am trying this one but I am not even walking b/c it is so darn cold and also don't want to chance a miscarriage (again).  :(  It is all for the baby!!!  
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I thought I was gonna be one of those 25 pounders, but I've already passed that up a couple of weeks ago.  Hope you have better luck than me :)  

They say breast feeding helps take off the preggo weight.  I'm hoping that works for me.  I haven't gained a ton or anything, but I'd like to fit back into my own cloths eventually. :)
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you have an excuse you are on bed rest haha... use it to your advantage... eat and be happy while you can..
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Well, I'm now 20w4d and I've gained 12 pounds.  I'm really worried I'll gain more than 25 pounds all in all. I am really careful in what I'm eating and I did start going back to the gym.  Hopefully, 30 pounds will be the max I'll gain altogether!  When are we suppose to start gaining 1 pound/week? And why 1 pound?? Is it all baby weight?
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You are doing great!! I wish I were. At 28 and 1 day I have gained 26 lbs,but at my last dr appt I had only put on 1 lb in a month, so hopefully my decrease in appitite will help.
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Hmm...everyone seems afraid to gain 25lbs, and I was told by my Dr. that they want to see to at least a 25 - 35lbs weight gain by the end of the pregnancy and how people gain that weight varies from person to person.  Some gain a little weight gradually, and some hardly gain at all in the first trimester....but then in the middle the weight comes pouring on.
Im also told that the majority of the weight by the third trimester is mostly fluids and actual weight of the baby.
My main concern is keeping the baby healthy....I'll worry about my pre-preggo weight later.  Everyone's different...as long as you're eating healthy and not tons of junk....you really have no control how your body will respond to the weight gain.  
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