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weight gain

When did everyone start putting on the baby pounds. I haven't looked at the scale since I became pregnant (16w5d), not even at the docs office--if I could step on backwards I would!

Well my tummy is getting huge! I tend to show really early and I thought well, I've been eating healthy, but it might be time for a reality check. So I hopped on and I haven't gained any weight? I'm thrilled, but is this healthy or normal?
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I think you're so lucky!  I did lose some weight during my 1st trimester but have since gained that weight back plus a little more darn it.  I too show early.  You're still early to have significant weight gain.  I'm 9 weeks ahead of you and didn't really put on the weight until 20 weeks but that's me.  What does your dr say?  
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hehehe... at 29 weeks i had gained a total 10 pounds... i think when i was 16 i gained about 5 pounds and now at 25w i had put a total of 14 pounds! yikes! i think it's still healthy...?? who knows, but my face is certainly looking just as round as my belly!
I didn't start showing till about 5 1/2 months.... and right now i feel i still don't show that much... i got a beer gut... but with all the layers of clothes i wear (too cold!!!) i look like a mountain more than a cute pregnant girl.....


I try to focus on what's healthy for the baby, and try to forget about the weight... i know it's tough, but your baby needs the extra pounds right now! =) you'll have plenty of time to work the off later... plus, it's for a good cause isn't it??? we can justify the extra krispy kreme!!! ;)
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sorry!! I meant at 20 weeks..... 10 pounds! lol
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I don't think I gained much at all the first trimester.  I didn't have m/s, but I just got full really easily and didn't eat that much. In the evenings, I got a lot of heart burn and indigestion. That also curved my appetite. Most of my weight gain has been second and third trimester.  

If it was something to worry about, I would think your dr would have mentioned it.  Give it sometime. You will probably start packing it on.  :o)

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well, you all are pregnancy icons!!  I gain 10-12 every first trimester.  I have put on 10 already at almost 10 weeks.  :(  I eat healthy and I don't get morning sickness.  I don't eat junk...but i don't exercise either.  just so i don't run the risk of miscarriage....after 3 pregnancy losses...i barely breathe!!!  :)  It goes away after the baby is born.  
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my 20w check the dr told me mine was fine. I didnt ask what the weight was. but boy I fill it now. 22w!!! I have always been small framed size 3. My first one I gained around 50-60lb. but this one I think Im going to have to start watching what I eat. I want to eat all the time!!
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wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 50 to 60 pounds that pettite??!?! boy, i bet you could barely get up when you were ready to pop!!!!

I am not dieting nor 'watching what i eat' much... but,... i try to eat ONLY when im hungry, when i have cravings, i try to eat just a little bit of whatever i have the need for in that moment... and stop. It does help tho, that i crave a LOT of fruit!!! and veggies!... im starting to crave milk in all it's ways... cheese, cream, icecream, condensed, chocolate milk, cereal...... yum! and bananas... hehehe
It does help also that I have really bad colitis... and if i don't watch what i eat i get EXTRA constipated, irritated, bloated, crampy and bleed...... so, no,.... i don't want a colitis attack being pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OUCH!!!!!!! (i've had a couple already....not fun!).

It will all be worth it at the end!!! =)
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back then I was in the best shape of my life. full time job teaching gymnastics. and I was contracting my own house to build, and pregnant at that. as I look back Im not sure how I did it. My DH was stationed in korea then, so not alot of support or help there. I dont ever recall missing any meals but never really had time to sit and enjoy them.. with my size and all in concideration I actually did good. I remember when the nurse walked in while I was already in labor for many many hours.. she laughed and told me she had never seen anyone in that posistion befor.. I was practally in a split position with my butt up in the air laying on my chest!!! trying anything to get comfortable to sleep. I have always been the type to try to keep weight on. If I would get sick I would loose weight and  I would look ten years older.
I went in the obgyn wieghing 105 9w I never asked the weight befor but now that I am eating everything in sight Im courious to see.  of course I dont have a scall here at the house. but I fill sooo big and lazy!  I go back the first part of feb.
I love to work in the yard and walk my dogs in the woods. I cant wait till spring comes. so I can get back at it. belly and all... I hate this fricken cold weather. makes matters worse. ugh.. sorry.. Im babbling
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tennesseegirl you are like me....ha, finally someone little who puts on some pounds.  I gained 60lbs w/ my daughter almost 18yrs ago.  I of course was under 100lbs to start.  I started out w/ my son at 115lbs and gained 45lbs.  This pregnancy I started out at 120lbs and am up to 130 at 10wks already.  This is just how I do it??  25lbs sounds like nothing to me, I would be starving.  I do plan on getting back to my ideal weight of 110 after this pregnancy but I won't focus on that until after nursing.  It does get hard carrying the weight around but I would be throwing up if I didnt eat every 3 hrs.
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