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wot do u thing abut male pregnancy

wot do u thing abut male pregnancy
i m 24 male, i m not pregnt
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I think you would look HOT pregnant!!
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well if this is serious you REALLY need to speak to a specialist about it...I seen it on oprah a man was carrying the baby for his wife.. It seemed a little disturbing(because society isnt used to seeing it) but whatever...here is a link,.,,

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that "man' was genectically a woman, with a uterus and all, who has altered her appearance through hormones and surgery to look like and live like a man.
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i noticed after i re read the article.. transgendered.. my bad
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dude, i can't imagine that.....
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I just don't think thats normal at all. So I don't think about it!
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Is this guy for real?!?!
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where do  these people come from??????
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Where is he even on the 35+ pregnancy site?
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Yes, I think all men should get pregnant. Go out and do it.....right now.
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LOL  Regggie. thats too funny. wouldnt that be just wonderful if men could carry. :0  i dont think they could deal w/ all that we do during a preg. labor and all that fun stuff!  ha! i bet there wouldnt be nearly as many births! i love my man too death, but when it comes to pain, hes a wimp!  i am too actually, EXCEPT for pregnancy and giving birth.
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LOL I agree......

Man I wish my DH could get pregnant and he'd know how it felt.....he thinks we just breeze through the whole deal...
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If men were the ones to carry and give birth, the entire population would soon dissapear.  I love my DH, but honestly, the man turns into the worlds biggest baby when he gets a paper cut!
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Puh leeze! Nothing you are doing is a breeze with twins!!  You are da bomb!!
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Well, if you are truly interested in becoming pregnant, then I would suggest making an appointment with a reproductive endocrinologist.  First of all, you will need to have a uterine implant.  I'm sure you'll be using donor eggs, correct?  What will be easy for you is obtaining the sperm.  Although the progesterone suppositories might be a bit difficult for you - I'm sure you'll persevere!   After nine months of stretch marks, heartburn, back pain and swollen feet you should have a healthy and happy baby to show for all your hard work.  Good luck with your journey.
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Finally you post!!!  Is this what it takes to get you to the forum??  Some freaky question?  Well, girl, WELCOME back!!  Sheila's going to be so happy you're here :-))))
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But wait....If the MAN is pregnant, then who is Maury gonna test for paternity?
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