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I had my tubes tied in 07. In May of this year I had a pos. HPG. I was scared and excited. I went to the hospital, they did a urine and blood test and both came up neg. It was heart breaking. My periods have been regular but much lighter since May. Then 3 months ago I had the worst period of my life. I thought I was going to die. I had cramping that radiated from my belly to my back then down my legs. It only lasted three days. Then the month after that it was a normal light period that lasted 5 days. This month, I had the god awful period again lasting 4 days. I started researching PTLS, but I really do not have near the symptoms that come with it. Last night I noticed that my cervical mucus has taken on the consistency it had before the ligation. After the ligation it seemed to have diminished drastically. I am not a fan of the Dr. so I have not seen one as of yet. I had a few friends tell me that it sounded like a miscarriage to them the first time it happened, but after last months being the same I am leaning more toward it being something different. So, all this leads to a few questions. If not miscarriage, what could the heavy bleeding be from, and if my cervical mucus is like it was before I got my tubes tied, could they have 'grown' back together?
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they could have grown back together but it is highly unlikely. have you ever been checked for endometriosis? my periods were all out of whack after my tl but slowly got back to normal after i had mine reversed. i would go to your dr and have them check your hormones and such and if you really want to know if your tubes grew back see if your dr will agree to give you an HSG...it'd a test where they push dye through your tubes to see if they are opened or blocked or even narrow.
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Thanks for your input. I had not thought of endometriosis. What is strange for me is my periods have been spot on since I had my TL. Then these past few months I would have rather died than live through the pain. I am waiting til my next period to see if it is normal. If not I will go to the Dr. I have been feeling better this past month than I have the previous months so I am hoping that it was a momentarily crazy hormone fluctuation.
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