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TTC after TR.......??

Hi,i am 28,  i had my tubal reversal march 2011, it was a success, i have 6cm on each side and only paid $2,410! The doctor was great and with a HIGH success rate at pregnancies, i personally know 3 of them who are pregnant, and one of the girls got pregnant only had one working tube and 3 cm!! another gal went same day as me, and already pregnant! So there is hope!!! I have been trying since about 3 weeks after surgery......not really "trying" but having intercourse yes, i just started charting and using bbt and opk's this month after AF. But i still have doubts........prior pregnancies came fast and no problems, but dh is 30, and no kids at all.....i was wondering if for people of tr, is there better ideas at ttc than people without tubes tied??
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Im so happy for you, I want to have another baby too! The prices for the tr have been so expensive that I didnt think it would ever be affordable! Where is this Dr. located? I had my tl done in 2003 and I have just been praying that my tubes have grown back together (wishful thinking)!
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Where Can I Find This Doctor For That Price!!! I Am Ready!!! ; )
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