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I had my tubes tied 13 years ago at the age of 19 because of pre-eclampsia. 7 years ago when I went to ER for a problem doctor came in and told me 'congrats' I was pregnant. I told him it was impossible cause I had my tubes tied. However, it was true and I miscarried. Now I am late for my cycle and I've been spotting a bit (this has never happened in my life) and my breasts are very tender. What are the chances that I'm pregnant again? I really don't know if I can rely on a pregnancy test cause so, many people get mixed results.If pregnant with having tubes tied what are the symptoms of being pregnant? Is spotting a sign I need to look into more? Is being late and spotting a potential indication? I am only 33 years old and don't believe it's anything to do with menopause. Someone please, advise! Thanks!!
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