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So i have been pregnant going on 4yrs now. Gotten pregnant on the pill, the patch, the shot, two weeks after giving birth, iud, and just got my tubes tied 2 mos ago. Surprise! Due june 20th. This is my 7th kid. Don't get me wrong I love my kids i just need a break. Just gave birth in july, may13 the yr before, and ten months before that.  Is there anything that actually stops getting pregnant? I am completely drained.
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You sure are 'Blessed!!!...But I agree, you do need a break.  I would stay away from the pills,  patches etc. As they are not good for your hormones or body.  I would suggest the calendar method, body temp., checking your cervix and cervical mucous as ways of indicating your most fertile days and don't have sex at that time.  Other than abstinence or a hysterectomy, which is another no no for your body I don't know of any other method that is truly 100% effective at preventing pregnancy.  There is    'Power in Prayer!...But God obviously wants you to have more children:). I'm sending...'Blessings' your way for everything you need and desire!  Please feel free to send me some of that 'Special Baby Dust' my way.  Thank-you:)
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Also, there are different natural herbs that also help prevent pregnancy, just Google away and you'll find different sites that will suggest which ones to take when.
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I don't really know how to check that stuff. I've heard there are classes. Does it take a lot of time? Soon to have 4 kids in diapers doesn't give too much time but I'm willing to try anything at this point. You can have all my 'baby dust' :) I've had enough. One last round to go. If you know any classes in arizona please let me know. Good luck to you and thanks.
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