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35 weeks fetal measurements
the measurements given for 35 weeks scan are correct. The measurements for 35 weeks baby is as given below.

BPD = 79
FL = 69
HC = 290
Weight = 5lbs and 2 oz

Can you please discuss with the doctors and let me know ASAP.?

My OBYGN took these measurements and she did not raise any concerns and rather she mentioned everything is perfect.

Do I need to consult her again or neurosurgeon about this measurements?

Out of above measurements, which has ventricles measurement? What is the required measurement for ventricles? If my doctor miss out anything I need to notify her before going further right? That’s why I need a second opinion from your doctor? It will be greatly appreciated. There should not be any overlook. It’s one’s life. Here we can help my baby as much as possible by giving her very good treatment.

I hope you will forward this mail to doctor and give me his advices ASAP. My baby is due on September 30,2011. Only 4 weeks away. We should expect her any time now on..
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