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A little worried....

I'm 15wks 6d preggers and about a month ago my doctor did an ultrasound and found out that I had a cyst on my left overy.  Since then I have found out that it is compleatly normal, however, at that time it was the same size as my uterus, which was huge!  Well I'm a little worried about it, because at my last doctor's apt. my doctor didn't do an ultrasound to find out if it did pop and disappear.  So I'm a little worried about it... all he said was that it's probably disappeared by now.  And I was like okay, well what if it hasn't, I mean at the last apt. I had he seemd to be a little worried about it.  *sigh* I just really am worried about it, also my abdomind is alot fermer on the left side than on the right side, so I was wondering if that was a sign that it could still be there, or could my uterus be sitting over there, I know that my uterus is usually in the middle of my lower abdomin.  

So I was wondering if I should go and see another doctor for a second oppinon or if I should just wait until my next ultrasound at 19wks 3d?  Or if it's nothing to worry about and that it did clear up.  
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