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Does your urine change in color when you get pregnant???

Hi everyone!! I am curious, Apology about my question. Does your urine change in color and smell when you found out your pregnant? Does it affect the HPT in anyway? I have a friend who's 14 weeks pregnant, and her urine color is clear white. Strange..... Any opinions are much appreciated. thank U
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Not that I know of. What do you mean it is clear white? Do you mean just clear? If it is clear it just means that she is drinking the right amount of water.
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Hi GRose. Yes its clear. Like water. & she's also don't know why. So, if a woman is pregnant, the urine change in color?
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clear means she is hydrated enough and the color change is probably from prenatal vitamins. mine changes to a bright neon yellow when i take my vitamins. it also happens to my husband when he takes his "man" daily vitamin.
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I would say yes. My pee changing to a clear liquid was my first sign that I was pregnant. And no it wasn't I drank a lot of liquid because I hardly ever drink anything. I notice that in both my pregnancies. I knew I was pregnant even before I took the test because of my pee colour. It was a light or clear all the time.
my pee has went from a darker/normal yellow to very light yellow or sometimes clear color pee and it just start a few days after my ovulation days i think i might be pregnant but im not sure because im getting other symptoms too like sore boobs my nipples have gotten darker right side cramps in my lower stomach and i never took naps but lately ive been taking naps so im very scared please help
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I am having some funny symptoms (predictable afternoon nausea, headaches, smells), but the one thing that has blown my mind is that (even though all I drink is coffee, and maybe one glass of pure water daily) my pee has become very clear.  I normally have very yellow pee, as I do drink a great deal of coffee, but the past few days I have only peed clear or very very pale yellow.  I have taken two pregnancy test, both negative (my period is due in three days).  I have been completely struck by this change, and just thought I'd ask if your doctor ever explained why your urine changed color?
Yes am having the same symptoms.Could u tell me if you was pregnant or not or could something else be going on?Thanks:)
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I believe it is normal... my urin has changed as well to clear with very bit of light yellow and I drik only coffee ...and have been getting nausie and feeling presser below the stomack and I believe it sounds like u are prego and not all the time your test will show positive... I was 2 months pregnant  years ago aand had 12 blood work done as well as urin and I knew I was pregnant so not all the time home test or blood work will show till they do enough of the test  ... but sounds like you are pregnant and as for period it dosent matter u can still have your period with your pregnancy cause my mom had it and so did I so still keep on checking ...hope this helped you
I agree 100%!
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If it has white tone and looks foggy, it could be possible that she has a yeast infection. They are common during pregnacy, I had one and that was my only symptom.
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Every time im pregnant my urine is always a darker color. I wouldn't say it has a smell but deff like dark orange or just period.. I always drink water doctor says its just the urine i produce.
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