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I'm Expecting is now available on Android!
Keep track of everything that's happening to you and your baby with I’m Expecting, now available on Android!

Get weekly updates of your baby's growth, track your symptoms and compare them to other moms to see how common they are, share info with your doctor, add doctor appointments, get answers to your questions and more! I’m Expecting is the most comprehensive pregnancy companion around!

Top Features:
- Get weekly updates of your baby’s growth and changes to your body
- Track your symptoms and see how common they are compared to other moms
- Monitor your weight throughout your pregnancy
- Ask questions about your pregnancy and follow others’ questions in our online forums
- Keep track of doctor’s appointments, tests and other events

To get started with the I'm Expecting pregnancy journal app ( http://bit.ly/vHbPgO )
enter your due date or let us calculate it for you. It's that simple!
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