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Does anyone here can help me what is happening and possible outcome when you will find out that on your pregnancy, at one time you have lost your amniotic fluid for about 2 weeks and then it replensihed naturally?
I am currently 21 weeks pregnant and after 2 weeks of SEVERE OLIGOHYRAMNIOS (zero amniotic), it was found out that the baby now has adequate amniotic.  My OB-Gyne could not explain how is this possible.  I did not have any leak during pregnancy, but I had an infection and flu for 2 weeks by which is the time that the fetus was discovered not having the fluid.  From the latest scan, it was seen that the baby has 18-19weeks parameters against 21 wks age from first scan or should be 23 weeks based from my last period.  I am just wondrin' as I've read from many blogs and threads. most of these cases, the baby did not survive.  But my case is quite different.  Me and husband has refused to MEDICAL TERMINATION of my pregnancy until this replenishment has happened.  I am so worried about her lungs and her kidneys were not seen (a lot of scans were done, but finally the Urinary bladder was seen on the last scan and doctors told me that if the U.B. is there, the kidneys should be there.  They said it could not be seen because the baby is lying very low.)  I am having another scan in the next 3 weeks, but what are the best things to ask my doctor?

Pls help, I'm not having a good sleep for almost 2 months now ....
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Make sure and keep yourself well hydrated with water.  Pregnancy requires atleast 3-4 32oz glasses of water per day.  I have seen amniotic fluid replenish itself.  Maybe you were just that dehydrated when you had the flu.  You are getting to a point when betamethosone injections could help develop the lungs (sure wouldn't hurt).  Is the size of the baby appropriate for the weeks you are pregnant?  Goodluck with everything!
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Thanks so much for your reply.  I would ask about that injection for the lungs, just incase my baby's kidney will be found on the next scan this coming 2 weeks time.
About the baby's size, I'm supposedly almost 24weeks by Last Period, but should be 22 weeks based from the First scan, but according to the last scan (just a few days ago) my baby's parameters are just 18-19 weeks. The doctor said it's on the LOWER LIMIT NORMAL except that they couldn't confirm the kidneys, but they've seen the U. Bladder (which was not seen in the previous scans)....
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What’s the outcome
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