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Overweight and Pregnant

Hi i was wondering if anyone can direct me to a site where i can get advice i am quiet overweight and i am 6 1/2 weeks pregnant i am wanting to get advice on diet so i dont put on to much thanks for ur help
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I'm not sure about any websites, but now that you are expecting you shouldn't worry about a diet. What will work is eating 5 small meals a day and it can be whatever you want(you don't want to exclude foods because your cravings will get out of contol and you'll start to binge and that's what you don't want). The trick is  using a saucer instead of a plate. Always try to include 1 starch and 1 protein and 1 (or two if you're hungry) veggies for atleast 3 of those meals. Now, I have to tell you that if you have a muffin and a glass of juice that is considered a meal or a bowl of cereal that too is 1 meal. People get it wrong thinking eating for two requires extra meals, that it happens when our cravings get out of control and that's ok every now and then, but not every day. To sustain a healthy pregnacy you only have to take in 300 extra calories a day! That's the equivalent to a bran muffin. Anywho, if you follow that you will gain( because you're pregnant and that's what's suppose to happen), but you won't retain(after you give birth the majority will go with baby and leave you with about 10 or so to work off). I hope I was able to help.

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hi there - i too and quite overwwight and 15 weeks with twins. From my experience so far, i am eating LESS now than i did pre-pregnancy. i cant eat large servings, i get full very quickly and since i was so nauseous the first trimester i actually lost weight initially (i have since gained it all back). i also eat a lot less junk than i did before, cut out soda and replaced it with juice and water.

try not to worry right now about your diet, just focus on eating the right foods and getting enough calories for your baby.

you definetely do not want to lose weight intentionally.

Also, i had a hard time with this so i thought i would share - maternity clothes are very misleading with sizes when you are larger. the only place i have found that is true to their sizes is Motherhood Maternity's plus sizes. i tried shopping at other places that sold some larger sizes and they barely even fit me without a big belly...
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i agree with jenniferolive dont worry about a diet right now just change the food that you eat eat lots of fruits and veggies you can have pop just not as much and when you are hungry eat something, chew on a celery stick or carrot. What really worked for me was pretzals the are much lower in fat the chips and are just as salty. Good luck and stay healthy.
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Thanks for all ur advice i will follow the eating smaller meals more often i worry about high blood pressure and that with my weight more than anything
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I think it IS the time to worry about dieting! I don't have to tell you that you are not overweight from too many apropriate sized portions, steamed veges, too much water, etc. Now is the time to really look at some of the day to day habits that need to be changed. Obesity is not healthy pre-pregnancy and is not good while pregnant either. Can you simply cut out soda or limit fast food visits to once a week? What about a nutritionist who can guide you on healthier choices? Even a healthy, normal weight woman can meet her extra nutritional needs by adding one 'snack' of wheat toast w/peanut butter and a glass of OJ (you're not really eating for two). You can also start exercising by simply adding a daily 15 minute walk, and go up from there. Join a pregnancy exercise class-they're a blast! Plus now is the time to start healthier habits- your baby will learn most about eating and lifestyle from you! You can do it...glad you're thinking about it!
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I agree with Liza55. Women think.. Oh i'm pregnant, I don't have to worry about what i eat... so not true!!

Another thing that COULD happen in your pregnancy because you are over weight is you could develope gestational diabetes. I would personally switch to whole grain bread, pasta and rice.. whole grain, not whole wheat... there is a difference. Eat 2-3 apples a day for a snack. If you crave something sweet, buy sugar free jello or pudding, that in a cup with a little sugar free cool whip fills the craving and doesn't leave you wanting to eat more. I would eat ground turkey instead of ground beef. It is leaner and not so fatty. Perfect dinner is whole grain spagetti w/ground turkey and tomato sauce(seasoned to your liking). YES use a small plate, helps from over eating. I stress the whole grain because it metabolized diffent and more efficently in our bodies. Having a slice of white bread is like eating two table spoons of sugar.

Sorry, I could go on and on.... just trying to help. If your over weight now and you gain another 50 lbs.... it will be VERY hard to work off. I also agree about walking like LIZ said... that it huge!!!!
Good luck!
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i didnt mean dont diet in the sence that she eat everything under the sun just that if she is hungery she should eat something just something healthy i am not saying that she is a terrible eater now i have no idea how she eats i am just giving her some ideas.
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To the two previous posters..

I am extremely annoyed.  Just because she is over weight doesnt mean she is a soda drinker or a fast food eater.  Pre pregnancy i was 50+lbs overweight and i drink strictly diet sodas and water and i hardly ever eat any saturated fats.  That is called a STEREOTYPE!!  I also spent 4 nights in the gym doing 45 minute cardio sessions and a 1 hour weight training class.  YET i remain overweight.. I am healthier than most "thin" people. I have never EVER had high cholesterol and during my entire pregnancy (I am almost 38 weeks) and i have maintained a normal blood pressure. My highest blood pressure reading was 126 over 82. lowest was 110 over 60.  

I passed my 1 hour glucose test with flying colors.
I have gained a total of 17 lbs. (my SIL who was THIN pre pregnancy gained 70lbs) now tell me who is healthier...

To the original poster.
Dont worry about dieting and "losing weight".  Make healthy food choices and exercise.  Drink plenty of water.  You are at higher risk of high blood pressure and gestational diabetes but you can be high risk for these things even if you are thin.  watch your weight gain.. Dont gain too much too fast.  You will be fine.. Dont let people's rude comments make you feel bad.

Have a great day..
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Oh yes.. On the blood pressure fear..

DO NOT EAT A LOT OF SALT!! and this advice is for everyone.  Avoid any processed foods, meats, etc.  Eat low salt cheeses and meats.  Do not add an accessive amount of salt to foods.  Do not go to the movies and eat that popcorn!! Not only will the salt make you retain tons of fluid and rob your body of water but this will cause your blood pressure to rise.  Be aware of the sodium contents of the food you eat.  For example.. A can of split pea soup has a ton of fiber and at least 2 servings of veggies.. It is also a low fat food.. BUT it is LOADED with sodium!  I have learned the hard way during my pregnancy that eating something salty will make you regret it later.  I am very salt sensitive and will retain every ounce of fluids if i eat to much salt.  

Take good care of yourself and pay attention to your body's reactions to foods.. Salt=swelling.. etc.  You will be just fine!!
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it wasnt you sweetie... dont worry.. your comment was very appropriate.. you had wonderful suggestions.. ;)

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you need to chill....

i was just trying to help her and give her a heads up. I don't think i was rude...

you gave an entire speech on fat and thin, then you turn around and give her advice on how not to get high blood pressure, what to eat and etc... what makes you any different than what i was trying to do to give her advice.

I never said she was unhealthy...
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