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To all you TTC ers... a cool little thing I found helps for testing

I've found a cool thing for testing before I got pg. It was those disposable little shot glasses that you get at the $$ store. Theyre mostly sterile and clean. When I'd test I'd just use one as a peecup, then dip my test (I don't really believe in peeing on it. I had a bunch of Goofed tests because I'd pee too much or too little on it.)

When I got my bfp I had used FMU or almost FMU (like 2nd MU) and then tested with my first EPT. When that showed up ++ and after my initial scream and victory dance. (think me pounding on my friend Sasha's door and saying Open Up Dam*it.. then shoving it in her face and asking if she saw it too)  I used the same MU to dip the second test to be %100 that way I knew the urine was the same quality I used with the first test. There was maybe 10min. between tests and it showed up as dark as the first one.

I thought I'd throw that out there.
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