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Vaginal Septum diagnosed today after miscarriage

I am 27 years old and yesterday I found out I was having a miscarriage. Was 8 wks pregnant and had my first appt with gyno.  Gyno sent me to specialist after exam due to wall in vagina.  Doctor told me today that I have a transverse vaginal septum with small opening that will have to be surgically cut in order to do d&c.  He's giving me a week to pass the miscarriage and then we will discuss options on surgery to do septum and d&c. He's not familiar with the septum issue and is spending this week researching and trying to find Dr. close by to do this type of surgery. I live in north Mississippi and was hoping someone could help and tell me if they have dealt with this issue and what I will be looking at as far as surgery, recovery process, and any info you might have.

Thank you.
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