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What to expect before you're expecting

I had posted a poll a few days ago regarding a book my Dr suggested I buy. The majority of you voted that I post a little tidbit from the book each day, so here it goes! If this helps just one person, then it's done what I hoped.

Prepping before you're expecting:

It stands to reason that your overall health has a lot to do with your over-all fertility. After all, it takes a healthy body (make that two healthy bodies) to make a healthy baby. Which means there's no better time than now-when that baby-to-be is just a gleam in your hopeful eyes- to make sure that you and your spouse are healthy overall. Just about every aspect of your health-from the medications you take, to the immunizations you should have, to the chronic conditions that need controlling and the dental work that needs doing- can have an impact on your fertility and on your healthy pregnancy to come. So check it all out, starting with those checkups.

   *general health checkup- weight check, physical, medication overview, blood test.
   *gynecological checkup- PCOS, uterine cysts, Endometriosis, PID, irregular periods, UTI, STD.
   *dental health checkup- gum disease, fillings, x-rays, crown, dental surgery.
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