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Is it possible that my baby will have a cleft lip?
I did not know I was pregnant and I took prednisone 10 mg for my poison Ivy.
I didn't realize I was pregnant, it's because I use to missed my period like 1 to 2 moths.
So when I had my poison Ivy I went to the doctor to get treated.
I went there 6 weeks after my perios missed. Now is going to 3 months I still don't have my period,
which worried me because usually I only missing my perios a month longest is 2 months.
I went to the store and bought a pregnancy test and its positive.
I am really nervous now, I have to go to the doctor tomorrow.
I have to know what are the side effects when you took prednisone 10 mg when your 6 weeks pregnant?
Thank you! Please I need an answe.
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