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Are contractions always painful? Or can you get them without feeling any pain?
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As far as im aware if you have a contraction without any pain...its not a contraction
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Painless contractions are called Braxton hicks. Real labor contractions are regular and increase in discomfort/pain.  Braxton hicks will go away when you lay down.
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Everyone's body is different.  My mother had no labor pains with neither me or my brother.  She had an emergency C-section with me and then VBAC (had a 2nd baby naturally/no meds).  I got to 2 cm and didn't feel like dealing with the pain anymore, it wasn't terrible.. it was just too frequent really ... yeah it hurts... depending on your pain tolerance, but it's not entirely impossible to go through it on your own.  You'll know what you want to do when the time comes... Hope this helps...
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I don't think you can do anything to relieve the pain besides breath through them and try to relax now I know you can do a water birth o soak in some water and it will help them a little
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When I first started getting my contractions in the hospital a few hours after my water broke, I didn't feel them at all. My husband saw the papers printing out my contractions. And he said there's one now, do you feel that? And I said nope nothing! That went on for a while. Then suddenly I started to feel them. As they progressed and the more I dilated, the more painful they became. So yes you can be having them, and not even know it or feel it. But of course everyone is different. That is just my personal experience. Good Luck!
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Just have been experiencing lightning and my stomache tightening but it doesnt hurt but i can feel it. The only thing that does hurt is the pain from the lightening. Other than that i feel fine. Should i be worried at all?
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My first pregnancy i had twins so i had nst every week. I went in at 8 in the morning and got hooked up to a machine. I was sitting there reading a magazine when the nurse came in to look at the monitor and got a weird look on her face. She turned to me and asked if i felt that and i was like felt what. She turned to me again and said i was having strong contractions every 3 min and i wasnt even feeling them just sitting there reading my magazine. Turns out i was dialated to a 7 and they hd to rush me into or for my c section. Everyones different so you might not feel them.
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Yes, its definitely possible to have contractions without pain.  Technically,  all women have random, sporadic contractions throughout the entire peegnancy. We just don't feel them because they are too small.  Sonographers see them in ultrasound quite often.
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