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* 14 weeks ❤ nectarine! ((: *

seems just like yesterday.. I took a test, jumped on the laptop, and googled everything I could about a 6-week-old unborn baby..

in 8 short weeks (exhausting, sickness-filled, worrisome 8 weeks..) our sweet miracle has gone from the size of a pomegranate seed, to the size of a nectarine who is now sprouting hair, making facial gestures, and FINALLY has a head that's more proportional to his/her body!!! lol

maybe I'm just hormonal, I've always been emotional, but I thank YOU God.. my awesome, miracle-working, prayer-answering God.. you deserve all of the praise. even though I'm not perfect, I'm a sinner, and our child was conceived outside of marriage.. God has blessed us with this child. a child that I've prayed for, because I always had thoughts that I'd never be able to have a child.. He has forgiven us, my fiancé and I, & we will raise this child to know who he/she's Heavenly Father is. I know He's making changes for us, for the better.

I can't thank Him enough, and I thank all of you women for helping me come this far. for 8 weeks, I can't begin to explain how much has changed.. and I'm excited to share so much more & hold this sweet miracle in for at least 26 more weeks. it seems like such a long time, but I'm cherishing it sooo much. what an amazing thing, to be able to carry a human being, bring it into this world, and him/her know what it's truly like to hear my heart beating from the inside.. this baby is loved so much already. I'm in tears just thinking of seeing his/her sweet face in October!!! (((((:

thank you so much for reading.. just have a lot on my heart!! lol all of you are truly amazing, and I pray for myself AND ALL OF YOU each and every day. we are all fabulous mommies who sacrifice daily to bring our miracles into this world.. and we'll sacrifice even more we they arrive, unselfishly & so easily!!!

keep us in your prayers, and I love you awesome ladies/mommies/mommy-to-be miracle makers!! (((: ❤
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Awwwww mama, always remember, prayer and worry cannot co-exist. I can relate because I didn't think I could conceive, but I'm here now. I'm not married nor with my bd, but He's blessed me beyond measure. You are an awesome mother, don't you EVER forget that. Keep believing, stop worrying and let Him be your guide in everything. Prayers going up for you and your beautiful family.
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thank you soooo much!!! & you're right, you couldn't be more right!!! I know God probably shakes His head at me sometimes, because I should know He has all of this under control.. and here I am worrying all the time lol

I've got to remember my faith!! & thank you for that!! it's so amazing to sit back & realize that yes.. I am a mother?! like WOW!!! lol so thank you for that compliment!! you are an awesome mother too!!

thank you again for the prayers, they're always needed & accepted!!
you're the best!!! ((((: ❤ p.s. we will be getting our YouTube up soon, doing weekly pictures of this baby bump too! I'll post asap!!! so excited! lol
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*BUMP!* (((:
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I've always been able to conceive very easily, but lost 3 in less than a year of getting married. We've had some dark days and lots of questions, but it has definitely strengthened our faith in God and made us treasure this pregnancy all the more! So far everything is going well (I'm 15 weeks today) but it's still so easy to worry! I know God has a plan for us and I want to just take one day at a time and thank Him for every day that I'm privileged to carry this child. I never cease to be amazed at the miracle it is!  

Best wishes to you and rejoicing with you!
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Amen! I to thought I wasn't able to conceive. We tried for years with no luck and then BAM here I am 15 weeks & 1 day with this little miracle baby growing inside me =) God is truly amazing and I know I don't think him often enough for blessing my husband & I with this beautiful baby boy or girl. Times are tough right now but I know God is in control and there's nothing I want more than to be a mommy to this beautiful baby growing inside,me. I worry a lot when I should know that God has got this but It's just the devil trying to discourage us and we can't let him. I can't wait to meet my precious baby and hold him or her in October...it can't get here fast enough!
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Thank him* sorry
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It took my husband and I a long time to conceive and we were pretty much ready to give up and go on with our lives. We Lost all hope and just started realizing that maybe we weren't supposed to be parents. I saw people that were pregnant and didn't even appreciate what they had and it made me sad Cuz I just wanted to be pregnant so bad.  When It finally happened we were both shocked.  I'm 9 weeks and I've had two ultrasounds and I still just can't believe I'm pregnant. I appreciate this baby so much. It's our little miracle! ♡
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Hope everything goes good for you for the rest of your pregnancy. Can't wait til we can both hold our sweet babes in our arms!♡
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Amen!!! The LOVE of God is growing inside & outside of us. I am turning 40 in Sept, already have 3girls 19, 13 & 12. God has now given me my hearts desire a baby boy due Aug 25. Every minute I thank him, for the bd is the LOVE of my heart. God has brought me a long way. I too continue to give him ALL the praise. I pray ALL you mommies-to-be a safe God ordained delivery. Happy blessings to you ALL.
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awwwe, I literally balled my eyes out reading all of your responses!!!

thank each & every one of you for reading and responding!! I LOVE the fact that I'm able to share this amazing experience with so many great women/mothers!!!

my worry was having to have a couple of procedures done to my cervix (the LEEP procedure & I had a freezing procedure done call Cryotherapy) so after all of that, I have to see a specialist in May just to make sure my cervix isn't too small/short to hold this sweet miracle in!! at my last OB appointment this past thursday she said my cervix looked like it had a little more length on it.. I sure hope that was a sign from God that everything was okay!! (((: -- my fiancé & I tried for over a year before getting pregnant. being only 24, now 25 I felt as if my chances of getting pregnant were ruined.
I thank GOD he didn't take this opportunity away from me.. it truly is such a blessing that no one can describe..

you just have to experience something like this to understand and appreciate it!! again thank you ladies soooo much!! I LOVE and enjoy reading your stories, comments, etc. God is so good!!!! keeping all of you in my prayers, please do the same for us!!!
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