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❤ 28 weeks = 84 days to go! ❤

how many weeks do you have left?!!

it's starting to feel SO unreal. my baby shower is in 9 weeks & 1 day - I'll be 37w1d, and then our sweet baby boy can come ANY DAY after that!! lol - I just received his Skip Hop Special Edition/French Stripe diaper bag & his carseat canopy set (5 pieces) in the mail yesterday!!! ahhh, so exciting! (((:

my 3-hour glucose test is on thursday (Aug. 7th) which means my 3 day diet starts monday (Aug. 4th).. WONDERFUL!! I'm just praying I pass this one, and then all we have to worry about is being ready for Colby Lee to come into this world! I've recorded him a few times now, moving/kicking/punching, and I swear he's running out of room.. it's almost creepy! I feel like I can grab his little foot when it sticks out! haha

anyways, as always.. keep us in your prayers ladies!
we love you, and I can't thank you enough for being there throughout this pregnancy.. we're almost there October mommies!!! ❤
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I'm 23 weeks today!  119 days left! Yay can't wait!  

Congrats to you!  Each day we get closer and closer! :D
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Im 28 weeks 78 days to go with twins girls
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I'm 26wks+6.. 92 days left. Due nov.1st but will probably have my baby in October!! I'm soooo excited and ready!! My husband has already purchased a couple of things for our last little bundle. I've ordered and received a couple of things for our baby.. we're just preparing and excited! Our other 2 little ones are excited too. Lol, they ask almost everyday..is the baby coming out today mommmy. Lol, I love them
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@Schmalzy: awe, yay!!!!! super excited for us.. you're almost in the double digits with me!! (((:

@MzWright: congrats!! 78 days to go.. are you having a scheduled c-section?

@LeeBundles3: congratulations! no one thinks I'll make it to Oct. 24th either.. I highly doubt I will! I at least want him to stay in until after the baby shower though.. THEN I'll know he is at least full term + 1 day. --- that's so exciting, you're having your 3rd!!! I want to have a big family too!!!! (((:
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I'm 29+3 weeks and am expecting my first boy but third baby. Can't wait
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29 weeks today <3 only 77 more days or 11 weeks to go!!! Yay! Can't wait to  meet my little man <3 good luck on your 3 hour test. Hurry October 17th and get here!!!
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35+6 scheduled csection for 39+2 so only 24 days left to go :) definitely ready to meet Lukas Mark and have our family complete :)
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@jennyonnumber3: congrats on #3! I always thought my first would be a girl, but I'm SUPER excited about our sweet, sweet boy!! ((:

@mrscollins23: I was waiting for you to show up on here! & thank you so much.. praying I pass! yayyy for 29 weeks! I'm sure we're both itching to get to 30 haha!! lol

@Emi10172013: 24 days?! omg, I don't think I'll be able to handle myself once I get that close! lol - congratulations to you! ((:
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I'm 34+5. Csection in 33 days
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28 weeks woo hoo 81 days left:)
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I have 12 1/2 weeks or 89 days to go! I can't wait, I'm so excited, I'm eager to see how big my belly gets and feel my little boy kicking and growing. Our baby shower is in 6 weeks and my hubby and I are looking forward to celebrating with friends and family :) congrats and I hope the rest of your pregnancy is happy and healthy!
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27 weeks... 91 days left:)
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@Rene_J: awe, congratulations!

@Pattyann215: congrats! we're the same # of week, but different days left?

@bonitagirl747: thank you, and congrats to you too! I'm super eager to see/feel our baby boy too, so exciting! praying we both have happy & healthy remainder of our pregnancies too!

@jambrit: congrats!!! ((:
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18 days!!!! :)
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@strawberryillusions: well, I'm jealous! lol jk jk, I need the extra time to prepare for him haha!! - congratulations!! ((:
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I'm 26 weeks, 98 days to go ♡♡♡
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Did the second trimester fly by for you too??
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@Nov7thmommy: don't you just love the double digits?! lol congrats!!
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@coachsymons: YESSSS!! the 2nd trimester seemed to go by quicker than the 1st.. I guess because I did so much worrying in the beginning too, just had so much going on. the 3rd already seems to be slipping by me.. I've been recording my belly, taking pictures, etc. just because I NEVER want to forget this experience, no matter how many I end up having! lol what about you?! ((:
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28 + 4.. 80 days to.go! My third baby but second baby boy... really think I'm gonna have him earlier Mr 1st born(boy) was 8lbs 12oz and my 2nd born(girl) was 9lbs 3oz... so hoping he's not any bigger than his big sister. Already feeling how heavy hes getting really not looking forward to 35+ weeks :/.. other than him being born. My last baby :(
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@octobermommy oh yes lol
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@venlecky89: awwwe, congratulations!! & I hope he doesn't make himself your last and BIGGEST baby!! lol - are you getting your tubes tied??
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34+5, basically 5 weeks (36 days) to go. I can't believe its getting so close!
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@angjaramillo: wow, congrats!! not long for you at all!!!! ((:
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