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Hey ladies well , I got great news about Adrian , Whos still in the NICU !

HE'S ALMOST HOME ******* :')
I called the NICU last night to check on him , they said today he will be in a open crib & that as soon as he don't need the feeding tube he can come HOME ! Wich I know is soon because , he's already eating from a bottle. And my little man finishes them all :')
& update on his weight , his already 4 lbs 4 oz , so hopefully in a week he gets to come home !

Well that's my update on my little man.
I will update you ladies when he gets to come home.

Have a blessed day ! :')

Love ,
Adrian , Mommy & Daddy ! ♡
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Omg that's such great news! Best wishes as always go out to you momma so you can have little Adrian home soon! :)
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Yay! Congratulations! You'll be so happy to have him home. My little cane home from the nicu last week it was scary but so worth it. So glad he's doing so well! !!
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abbyjacks - Congrats on having your baby home from the NICU. So you know how , much it hurted to leave them there ! But thanks to God , your baby is home and healthy and mine soon will be home & absolutely healthy ! How long was your baby in the NICU ?
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Hey hun they usually want them to eat full bottles for 24-48 hours with out the feeding tube and they will want him to eat a certain amount my son had to eat 50cc without a feeding tube he was born 5 lbs 4oz also the Dr might keep him a little while just to make sure he is gaining weight don't be discouraged or upset if they keep him for a while since he is still small they r going to do what ever is best for u and that baby
They let my son go him at 5 lb 10 and he was in nicu for 15 days
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Omg also what I did was i was at the hospital for every feeding when they told me he had to eat for 24 hours I made sure he ate and they didn't give it to him with the tube I was on top of those nurse I wanted my baby home and I did anything to get it my son was in a open crib for about 5 days until he got to go home also he needs to pass a car seat test just fyi
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Im happy to hear hes doing well! God is great!! Hes going to be a strong smart boy :)
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Thats awesome news!!
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Awe congrats. He has come a long way in a short amount of time.  Prayers for you and your family and congrats
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Thats WONDERFUL! God is good!!!!
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All I could say is every baby is different. The nurse always ask me if I was really 30 weeks when he was born because they can't believe he's doing so good in just 3 weeks.

I just have that feeling that he's gonna come home soon you know. Im just so happy :')
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Congratulations. God is good.
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I had my son at 34 weeks he was doing good 2 how many days has he been in nicu? He only had respiratory distress syndrome he just need to breath on his own it's crazy to see all those babies that have been there for months and I was crying and upset with my baby for 15days
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Woo hoo!!! Such great news honey. :-)
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Such a blessing! I'm happy for you :)
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His weight shouldnt matter much as long as he.passes the car seat challenge and eats good! My son was 4.3 lbs when we left the hospital..he wasnt in the nicu but he was a preemie born at 33 wks.  Good luck and its going to be great when he comes home!!!!
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He's been in the NICU 21 days ! But for me time is going by fast ! Hopefully , i get to have my chunky boy home soon ! I want to be able to wake up with him here with us. Im gonna cry , the day he gets to come home. Tears of joy ♡

If this is how i feel of him being in the NICU , I imagine how worse I would be if he ever chooses the career of a soldier. Nooooo
His mommas boy ,  :')

Thank You all ! GOD IS GOOD ! ♡
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And he has been gaining weight. When he was born he was 3lbs 7oz. His gonna be as chunky as his momma & daddy ♡
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Great news God Bless ! And good name that's my lil mans name  too due sept.30 !
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What is he In there for I'm sure his weight does he have any health issues what was your original due date. I had him April 26 and was supposed to be due June e 5th
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What city r u in? Or state? Did the Dr say what he has to do.to go.home like how much weight or size he also has to be gaining weight
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Well , they just wanted him to gain morr than 4 lbs. And no he doesnt have any health issue's. He was born June 13th & my due date was August 19th i was 30 weeks 3 days when he was born .
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So happy to here that, my son wasn't premature but he spent two weeks in nicu! The day he was born he had a hole in his lung (which healed) and he also had five seizures which stopped THANKFULLY. But he is super healthy. I know what your going through. :) stay strong mamas.
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Very good to hear i know your ready for him to come home
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