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15 weeks w/ our apple!! ❤

our sweet baby has finally reached 15 weeks!! he/she is the size of an apple & is able to move all limbs!!
I can't wait to feel this little pumpkin of ours move!

how many of you October mommies already know the sex of your baby?! we're hoping to find out either next week or at our next OB appointment on the 22nd.

we have an appointment this Tuesday on the 6th with a specialist regarding my cervix. my OB seemed to think it was a little short/small, and she just wants to get a second opinion.. better safe than sorry!! so, I'll be 15w4d then, but I'm not sure if they'll tell me the sex or not. if not, I'll be 17w6d at my next OB appointment, so hopefully she'll tell me then!

we're going to get the answer put in an envelope though & probably going to do a photo shoot revealing the gender.. not really up to doing a huge gender reveal party so.. this will do! I'm thinking of doing the big box of balloons to catch our reactions to.. just praying it works out!! (((:

please continue to keep us in your prayers, as I do all of you mommies!!
sooo much love & hugs to all of you!! ((((: ❤
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Awww you'll be in my prayers momma.  I love the photo shoot idea, very sweet. Let's have faith everything will be fine and you won't need the cerclage (?). xx ♡ ^__^
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Im happy for you (:
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thank you SO much!! prayer works, and I'm just holding onto faith!!

& thanks!! we're both so anxious to know, but I really want to capture that moment & be able to look back at it for years to come.. I'm so excited!! lol

hopefully I won't need the cerclage.. if anything maybe just progesterone or something.. keep praying!! ((((: ❤
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thank you!! I hope you're doing well, haven't talked to you in a couple of days.. I think?! I have my days so mixed up now.. lol! (((:
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I'm doing as well as one can, lol. Can't truly complain yet- I'll save that for when I'm closer to the end and really can't move :P
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lol! yeah, I'm trying not to complain yet.. I'll do enough of that this summer when I'm huge & miserable haha!!

how far along are you??
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Oh don't remind me of summer- I'm in south Texas and already with triple digit temperatures! >__< Definitely not a fan of the heat. I'm currently 25 wks + 5d due August 10th. How about you?
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oh gosh!!! we haven't hit triple digits YET, but we're in South Carolina & we'll definitely get there soon!!! well 15 weeks puts me at being due Oct. 24th, so I'll be hot, big, and miserable all summer long!! lol!

BUT I already have my plan: maxi dresses, watermelon (along with lots of other fruit), lots of water, and relaxing by the pool with a load of spf!!! lol I'm going to enjoy this experience.. hot or not!! ((((:
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Awww that sounds like a great plan!  Especially the watermelon that sounds yummy right about now, lol. :q
October baby- my bday is oct 19 ;)
Well I'm already a little big, somewhat miserable,  and hot! Thankfully I've been wearing the summer dresses and aside from looking cute I'm very comfortable. :)
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lol thank you, thank you.. I hope all goes as planned!! haha & yes, I wish I had all of that fruit right about now!

my 26th birthday is October 11th, so this will definitely be a birthday present to celebrate!! we're super happy about having an October baby.. when me & my fiancé used to talk about having a baby, I always said I'd LOVE to have one in the fall.. I can't wait to celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, AND New Year's with this sweet little pumpkin!!!! ahhh, my favorite time of the year!
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Oh and don't forget the cutest outfits to go along with the holidays!  It's my favorite time of the year also :D
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yessss!!! the outfits!!! so exciting.. fingers crossed for a girl!!! lol

we'll be happy either way, after all we've been through, a healthy baby is all we really need & want!!! BUT, if the good Lord wants to know.. we want a girl, at least this time!! lol (((:
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Maybe you'll get lucky!  I have two girlies and the outfits were just adorable!  This time it's a boy and I'm looking for nice outfits for him but it's just not the same, lol.
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lol I know!!! they have such a huge selection for girls.. it's almost unfair.. BUT I'll do what I have to do!! haha

congratulations on your baby boy though!! I added you as a friend, so I'll definitely let you know the gender asap!!! ((((:
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Lol, its a little unfair. ;)

I received your friend notification and gladly accepted! Happy to hear from you when ever :D
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awe, thank you!!! same to you!! (((:
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