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16 weeks!! / baby avocado ❤

oh man, where has the time gone?!! I celebrated my 16th week by taking my first TUMS [ever] at 4:30 a.m. haha!!

seems like I just found out, 10 weeks ago from today, that I was going to have a baby in my arms this year!!
celebrating my birthday on Oct. 11th, due Oct. 24th, and all of the holidays shortly after.. what a blessing!

my parents are finally over the shock, my mama is debating on what she wants the baby to call her, and I'm just amazed at how consumed everyone around me has become with this amazing God-given miracle that we haven't even met yet! I feel blessed to be able to be the only one lucky enough to share these 9 months with our baby before ANYONE else even gets to meet him/her!!! I'm soaking it all in, and I'm enjoying every good, bad, sick, and worn-out moment!! lol

boy or girl, this baby has stolen the hearts of so many already, and I'm patiently awaiting the arrival!!
our next OB appt. is on the 22nd, I'll be 17w6d, so let's just hope he/she isn't shy, stubborn, and is as ready for new baby clothes as we are to go out and buy them!!

* any other October mommies waiting to find out the gender?!!! *

as always, thank all of you for your prayers, and please keep them coming!!!
I pray every single day for myself & all of you mommies.. ya'll are the best!! (((: ❤
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*bump* (((:
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CONGRATULATIONS! Lol, heartburn already, huh?  I think I've had it one time since being pregnant but I'm curious on what's in store for me once I hit 30+ weeks. I'm happy for you mama. Being able to see a new week is truly a blessing. :)
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Omg I feel the same way. For me, 16 weeks on sunday.  Where has the time gone?!?!?!?!  So glad ur parents took everything well and everyone can just celebrate now :)  happy 16 weeks to u mamma!
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thank youuuu! & yes, ALREADY!!! I've had it a few times before, but I couldn't even lay down last night!! I've never taken a tums in my life, until 4:30 a.m. today lol unreal!!

I can't even THINK about the 30+ mark.. Lord help me haha!!
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Congratulations. Candy_T, I just hit 30 weeks few days ago and its exhausting lol. I'm 31 yo my first baby and I feel like a little whinnie. My back hurts, I can't eat, indigestion, heartburn all day long. Lol. I want to be able to eat! Ugh.
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isn't it exciting?!! lol & thank you so much.. they were understandably upset at first, but thank God they are being so awesome now.. such a relief!!

congratulations to you as well!! so happy to see us mommies moving along so well!!! ((:
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Congrats! Getting closer to the big day! That's good that you feel like it is flying by. . I feel mine is dragging on.. Probably Cuz I'm so impatient! Lol.  I'm 11 weeks today and super excited too! :D babys growing!
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Nooooooooooo, don't tell me that @ slavica, lol. I turn 30 weeks on Monday! I'm 32 with my first as well. I now have GD, crying like a baby because now I think I'll stay hungry all day. I want to eat too! We can whine together! ;P
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thank you!!! & yes it is, I didn't feel like it was at first, but it'll definitely pick up for you too!!

I'm very impatient too, but I guess we've had so much going on keeping me & my mind so busy.. all I can think about or worry about is day by day!

that's so good to hear you & the baby are doing so well!!! you'll be 16 weeks before you know it!!! lol (((:
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Schmalzy, I thought the first 12 weeks went SUPER slow. I think bc I was worried all of the time about first trimester scary stuff.  Weeks 12-16 no wish r flying by!! I thint bc the scary time is over!! Good luck!
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yeah, that's true.. we had so much scary stuff to worry about in the 1st trimester.. even early in the 2nd, but thankfully it seems as if those worries are fading away! (((:
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So glad things are going better for you! And yes, we're slowly getting there! I hit 17 weeks tomorrow! Come on, October!! I'm so ready to meet my little man!
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thank you sooo much!!! I am so blessed.. and congratulations!!!
every week matters.. shoot, every day matters! I update my fiancé every morning!!! well, every night since I'm always up past midnight haha!!

October will be here before we know it.. thank goodness!!! (((:
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