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19 weeks ❤ almost halfway there!!

wow, 13 weeks ago when I took that pregnancy test, I NEVER thought I'd be here..

suffering through nausea, food aversions, sore & leaky boobs, sleepless nights, aches & pains, heartburn & acid reflux, fatigue, back pain, the list could go on & on right?!.. BUT all of it has been SOOO worth it!!!

I'm almost halfway there & I can't believe that I'll have my sweet baby boy in my arms in less than 5 months!! all in time for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's.. ohhh I can't wait!

you're now the size of a mango, forming permanent teeth buds (you already have your milk teeth buds), your prostate will start developing, you're developing "brown fat" to keep you warm when you're born, and you might start sleeping & find a "favorite" position around this week! I love reading about your journey in mommy's belly every week, and I'm so thankful God gave me you!!!

thank you ladies for your continued prayers, please pray Colby Lee's quad-screening comes back okay, and thank you for reading! we both thank & love you all very much!!!! (((((: ❤

p.s. I've been leaking colostrum off & on for over a week or so, but last night it soaked through my shirt & the sheet on the bed?! anyone else experiencing this?! I'm tempted to get some nipple pads.. and it's only my LEFT boob!! I can't lay on my left side without it leaking out, and I CAN'T lay on my ride side all night.. my ribs & hip start killing me!! "/
again, totally worth it, just curious about everyone else!! ((((:
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*bump!* ((:
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I'm 17 weeks haven't experienced this but time is still going by slower than.I wantit to for me
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@immediatelyinlove: it'll definitely start picking up soon!!! time does seem to have passed by so quickly.. good luck & congrats!! (((:
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no one else has a leaking boob/boobs?!!! lol "/
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Yay!!! I am glad all is going great. Im 17 weeks tomorrow. . I saw a tiny bit if clear stuff yesterday.  Just a bit ..... i have my dr app on Monday! !!!! Cant wait
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@natpat5: awwe, yayyy!!! I forgot you were so close to my due date!! this stuff is driving me insane... every now & then I'll feel a sharp pain shoot through both my nipples, but my left one is the only one that'll start leaking? it's the weirdest thing! & crazy me forgot to ask my OB about it yesterday!! lol

enjoy your appointment monday!!! (((:
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Congrats! Im one week behind you :) Have you started feeling him?
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Lol, no leaking boobies here yet!
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@Blue_: thank you!! & YES, YES I have been feeling him!!! I made a status or a post about it I think lol --- I've had flutters for a few weeks, but the day we found out he was a boy I felt him that night... my fiancé even saw him move/kick from the outside!! every day since then I've at least felt him once.. I had my hand on my belly yesterday & felt him move/kick then too!! I'm ready to feel him more frequently though.. right now it's just out of the blue. I haven't felt him today yet though.. I don't think. you should be feeling something soon!

@coachsymons: it's driving me INSANE!!! I just felt another sharp pain a few minutes ago, and there it went.. it gathers up on my nipple (if I pop by boob out quick enough) then I have to wipe it lol -- starting to be a pain in the butt.. and the boob! haha
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Congrats and I agree all worth it!!! No leaky boobs here yet and I'm already 30 weeks.
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@Lizzie_Campos: SERIOUSLY?! I've always been different.. from the side effects I've experienced to meds, to my luck of falling upstairs instead of downstairs, and now this.. one leaky boob!! just my luck I guess? weird!! lol
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I know I've felt her since like 17 weeks. Its a girl I found out yesterday. But I agree I didn't think I'd start feeling movement so soon! Its definitely her though there's no mistaking it. I've been feeling her for a week now off & on. I love it!
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@Blue_: isn't it amazing?! it's crazy how you just know! at first I kept telling my fiancé maybe it was gas.. he was like, "Chas, you don't have gas.. you don't have to poop.. you have a human being inside of you!!" I'm like yeah, okay, you're right lol!! I love it tooooo!!
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