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34 weeks ❤ 42 days to go!

oh wow, I've been slacking on my weekly updates.. sorry!!! lol it's 11 p.m., I'm 34 weeks, and it's so UNREAL! I'm finally over the horrible yeast infection I had, my feet are swollen, my back is killing me, I'm the most irritable person at the most stupid things, eating ice like I'm getting paid to do it, and I SWEAR Colby Lee's head is trying to come out of my vagina... gosh he's all over the place! oh, and I'm not complaining, at all. surprisingly I'm enjoying every bit of it lol - just thought I'd throw a few of my symptoms out there! ((;

so, just to catch everyone up.. I started back full-time at work as of 31w6d. it's not been too bad actually, and I wish I would've started back sooner! I've got so much to get done in such a short amount of time.. luckily, my baby shower is on Oct. 4th! I'll be 37w1d then, but I'm pretty sure our baby boy will stay in for at least that long! anyways, here's what I've got going on..

Sept. 16th - OB appt. & 3D/4D at the same place that did our gender determination at 17w6d! we'll be getting a 10-15 minute 4D scan which will be recorded & put on a DVD for us, a CD of the images, black & white printed photos, a bear with a recording of his heartbeat, AND $10 off a future visit!! we're so excited to see how much he's changed..

I'm also calling tomorrow to schedule my maternity photo shoot within the next few weeks & make my deposit for his newborn photos!

Oct. 4th - again, BABY SHOWER DAY!! I have the most amazing women/hostesses.. my mama, the preacher's wife, a close family friend, and her mama - I can NOT wait!

anyways, just a somewhat short/quick update for my lady friends, and I'll also be posting my 34 baby bump pic tomorrow.. this momma is WAY too tired to bother tonight. keep us in your prayers, I'll keep you updated, and we love you all very much!! ❤
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I have been swollen lately as well! :/ it *****! And whoa your keeping yourself busy! Ill be 37 weeks sunday and have nothing to do but wait lol
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doesn't it though?! one day my fiancé out of the blue says, "yup.. there goes those ankles.." I'm like NOOOOO!!! take a picture! lol!!

but yeah.. my feet/ankles do get puffy.. "/ -- & yes, super busy.. but that's just me. I waited until the last minute to do everything! lol I can't believe you'll be 37 weeks!!

ANY signs of labor yet?!
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I took a picture too haha my hubby said my feet look like chimi changas haha (its funny cause im mexican).. I have been trying to find stuff to do but my furniture won't get here until like a week or two :/
And I have no idea! I dont know if im dilated at all and but I have some contractions sometimes, im actually unsure if its that or just really strong Braxton hicks haha i feel like im ready to explode though :(
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Was wondering about you. . Haven't heard from you in awhile!  Your getting so close. . How exciting!  I'm 29 weeks today :). Have fun at your 4d ultrasound and your baby shower.. Hope You get great pictures and have a great time!! Can't Wait to hear an update on how everything went! :)
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@octoberbaby5: lol he didn't take a picture, BUT he just said today that I needed to.. he wants a pic of my feet, belly, face, etc. to remember how I was during pregnancy.. so I'll be dolling up my toes & taking a picture of these piggies tomorrow I guess lol ---  waiting it the worst part.. I found a pack & play I fell in love with, but I have to pick it up at the target about an hour away from us.. which is also where my maternity pics will be, so I'm having to wait! "/ when do you see your OB again?! I've had some pretty strong BH too, but not quite strong enough to confuse with a contraction yet.. I know you're soooo ready!!

@schmalzy: I'm sorry, I'm so slack!!! lol work has kept me busy.. congrats on 29 weeks!!!! I've got to keep up with you more.. & thank you soooo much!! I'll be sure to keep you updated for sure! so much to do, so little time!!
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Awhhh im still getting the same one I told you about that one time, well im getting it on my babyshower :) and I started my weekly appointments so every Thursday!  :) this past Thursday I had my strep b test done and it was the one day she decided she would call out so some lady ive never met before had to do it
-_- but oh my gosh maternity pictures how exiting :)
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Octobermommy~ no worries :). Glad everything is going good for you!
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I love hearing from the October mommies!!!!  Glad you're doing well :)

I'll be 34 sunday! Time is just flying by!!!  I haven't had any swelling yet but I am having a little back pain at night while trying to sleep. Also not complaining tho, I'm really enjoying it also!

We did our second 3d US 2 weeks ago... it was so much fun and the pics r amazing!  Baby showers were last weekend (family and friends) and this past wed (work).  Everyone is so generous and we have almost everything now!

I called insurance today and they are sending me a free Medela double electric breast pump covered at 100%... so amazing!

2 more weeks of work then I'll be on maternity leave waiting for this little guy to show up! I can't wait!!!

Glad everyone is doing so well!!!! We're almost there gals :)
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