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35 weeks ❤ 35 days to go!!!

wow. that pretty much sums up how I feel right now! 35 days or less to go? my OB seems to think Colby Lee could quite possibly be early, but I'm hoping & praying he stays in for a few more weeks!!

our most recent OB appt. was at 34w4d on the 16th, AND we had another 3D/4D ultrasound done at the place that did our gender determination.. I just had to see his face! we got a CD, DVD recording of 15 min., printed pictures, and a heartbeat lion with a recording of his heartbeat that we can listen to anytime we want! ahh, worth every penny!!

our next appt. is at 37 weeks, then I'll be going weekly after that.. for a couple of weeks at least.. we hope!! my baby shower is Oct. 4th, maternity pictures on Oct. 6th, and my birthday is Oct. 11th! so much to do, so little time.. I am soooo excited!!

Colby Lee is growing perfectly, he's head down, 10 fingers, 10 toes, but he's pretty much out of room.. omg.. I can't wait to hold my sweet boy! thank you ladies for keeping up with us, praying with & for us, and I'll continue to keep you updated! continue to keep us in your prayers.. as soon as I start to get stressed, my fiancé reminds me.. "it'll be okay." that's all I need to hear. I/we shouldn't be stressed.. this is a joyful, happy, amazing time.. and I'm embracing every single moment. NOT rushing it. love you ladies so much!! (((: ❤
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36 weeks today ♥ 28 days to go so yes it is crunch time! My little man seems to be doing great! I have a ultrasound for Thursday bc he is measuring 39 weeks.. i think he is going to be a BIG boy :) Im super excited to meet my little Easton Coe ♥ Im glad everything is going good for you girl IT WONT BE LONG NOW!!!!
At my last appointment this past Tuesday I was 1-2 cm dilated & 80% effaced/thinned. I hope he keeps cooking as close to his due date as possible but my mom seems to think he will be early.
My baby shower is next Saturday and Im excited about that!!
Cant wait to meet my little man!!! Thanks for the update!!!
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Congrats octobermommy!  You are so close!  I am 30 weeks today!  It is flying by so fast! :) so happy for both of us!
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I'm so excited for you! :)
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@mrscollins23: WOW!!! we're both so close!!! & I think you may have a big boy too!!! lol at least he's healthy, and I agree.. I hope both of our boys cook for a little while longer! I assume they'll be checking me at my next appointment.. I'm already cramping here & there, back pain, etc. I just "feel different"... gosh, I hope he stays in for a little while longer.. I'm not readyyyy!!! lol

@Schmalzy: thank you! so, so close.. it's so unreal.. I'm getting nervous lol & congrats on 30 weeks!! I NEVER thought I'd get there.. now these past 5 weeks have flown by! I'm SO tickled for the both of us too.. can't believe we're almost through! ((((:

@Candy_T: thank you ma'am!!! just uploaded recent pics of Mr. Colby Lee! he's amazing.. I'm still in awe over him! I miss you!!! (((:
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Awwwww, I just seen the pics. Beautiful mama.
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thank you ma'am!! so excited, so nervous, etc. still can't believe I'm a mommy.. ((:
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Hi guys!  We're 35 weeks sunday! Crazy!!!!  Doing great here. Baby boy continues to measure perfectly and I'm still feeling great!  5 mile hike today and planning a run tomorrow morning :) this week is my last week of work!!!! My next apt is at 36 weeks, then 38, then weekly.  

So glad to hear everyone is doing great!!! October mommy, enjoy that baby shower and birthday!!!  My bday is next week too!

Mrs collins, Easton is such a cute name!!!

Just love hearing updates from all of u ladies :)

Enjoy these last few weeks!!!
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Looks like October is gonna be a busy month for ya! Lol hope you and baby Colby are doing fine!
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Awww, last stretch! <3
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Im 34w3d...and due oct.28th...the time.is.commin for all us oct. Moms!!!!..ya for us:)..I cant beleive the time is almost here!! So.crazy and exciting!!...im pretty scared 2....im a ftm..so it's alot of fear of the unknown...im.so happy all is going well for u ladies...home stretch mommas!!!...cant wait for my lil boy!:)...still havnt decided on a name tho...jesse john??...jakson john...?...jesse jude....I dunno...lol..anyways...Go us!!-
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@smcdsmcd: that is awesome! glad to hear everything is going so great for you too, and thank you very much!!! I'm so excited & anxious.. loving every minute of it all!!

@OctoberBaby5: October is always super busy.. my mama's birthday is Sept. 26th, a week later is my Godsister's b-day on Oct. 3rd, my b-day is a week later on the 11th.. well this year of course we add the baby shower Oct. 4th, my maternity photos Oct. 6th, of course Halloween is an event.. not sure yet where Colby Lee will fit in, but I know we're all anxious!!!! lol

@dominika1980: last stretch indeed! I'm so full of emotions idk which one to pick!!! lol

@hellojojo2200: time is ticking so quickly for us!!! I can't believe it either.. seems like yesterday I got on here.. 6 weeks pregnant.. scared to death.. praying for us October mommies, along with everyone else, daily!! p.s. I like Jakson Jude (just my 2 cents.. I considered the name Jaxon as well!) lol ((:
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