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36 weeks and feels like belly is bruised/open forum

hi girls!!  i just wanted to find out if this feeling was normal.  at the top of my stomache about 4inches or so above my belly button I feel bruised.  almost like a straight line across my belly and it hurts to touch it but it feels like it needs to be massaged.  Anyone else have this???  I am 36 weeks and go for my check up on monday but thought i would check w/ you girls til then.
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I havent had that exactly, but I know as my uterus and baby grew there were times when any movement would make me feel bruised. Now if I bump my belly on sthing it really bothers me (I am 38 weeks). Hope this helps, ask your Dr. to be sure all is OK. Good luck- you are in the home stretch! Take care and rest! Not sure where you live but in Illinois it is VERY HOT and just breathing and walking have become very diffiuclt for me. I am hoping to have this baby this weekend - If you are like me the last 8 monhts have FLOWN by and now the last three weeks have been REALLY long :) It is still great though, enjoy every minute of it. BEST OF LUCK!
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I think I know what you mean. I think it is pressure from a body part of the baby pushing on your tummy. I have had it with all of my pregancies at the end and it is usually in a different area and almost always up high in the front.
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thanks for the info and good luck w/ yours...i hope it goes quickly.  I am in philly and its supa hot!!!  and yes, the last few weeks are dragging!!!!
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I feel like my sides of my skin are so stretched they feel black and blue.  I am 34 weeks, still no stretch marks but not sure how much farther my skin will stretch

Also, past 24 hours my leg cramps are miserable.  I am drinking a lot of water today and have confined myself to my bed --also finally having some BHs --I overall feel miserable today.  I have been feeling pretty good otherwise.  I am starting to get nervous about delivery.  One of the gals in my baby class had her water break during our hospital tour--she is 36 weeks.
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I feel the exact same pain. I'm 37 weeks tomorrow and right under my breasts on my belly is very painful - just like a bad bruise. I asked my doc about it and she said it's due to the pressure from the baby pushing everything upwards. It's normal, but it's so uncomfortable...
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Yep, I'm experiencing the same bruise-like pain at 33 weeks (but just on one side).  It was so bad one night that it kept me up for a couple of hours and I thought come morning my skin would surely be black and blue. LOL  Sounds like I'm in good company!
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