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37 weeks ❤ 0% dilated, 50% effaced.

hello ladies!!! my, my, my.. what a busy week I've had, and it's not over yet! lol

yesterday, 10/02/14, we had maternity photos. today, 10/03/14, was our OB appointment. tomorrow, 10/04/14, is my MUCH anticipated BABY SHOWER!!!

today's OB appt.: as my subject said.. I'm not dilated any, but I am 50% effaced.. which is better than nothing! I wanted him to stay in at least 38 weeks anyway for one last paycheck lol, BUT 40 would be even better.. I'm in no rush. as anxious as I am to meet him, I feel like I can't be "too prepared" for him.. so I'll just use these last few weeks (hopefully) to finish up shopping for whatever we don't get from the baby shower!

I'll be uploading my 37-week baby bump pic soon! as always, I thank each and every single one of you who has prayed for us, thought of us, etc. we are considered full term today, and I can't express how thankful I am for this miracle.. my fiancé & I are beyond excited, and I can't wait to see my sweet, sweet boy's face soon.. love you all!!! ❤ (((:
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bump! ❤
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Congrats!! Have fun at your shower, I hope you get everything you need! :)
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thank you so much @bonitagirl747! I'm so nervous, excited, etc. (((:
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So happy to hear from you again!! So, so close!!!!
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Girl you stay busy lol did you get your car fixed?
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I feel the same way this week! Had the hospital tour yesterday, check up today, shower Sunday and photos on Monday! Nobody told me how exciting and eventful the last couple weeks are. I'm also 37 weeks! Glad your having a good week!
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Congrats hunny we are almost there!!
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@coachsymons: EXTREMELY close.. it still doesn't feel real! lol!

@OctoberBaby5: ALWAYS busy, hence why I never responded back on this post lol! - my car should be fixed my tomorrow or Tuesday I hope.. thank God! so anxious to put my carseat in & the stroller in the trunk!! ((:

@oct22babygirl: these last few weeks are definitely busy.. I could have never imagined I'd actually have the energy for it, but I've been doing pretty good! starting to get a little tired now though.. lol

@yadib04: thank you! & Amen!! almost there.. 37w2d.. I don't realize how close I am until someone says, "you're due the 24th right? doubt that.." & I always respond, "I can make it.. I have like.. wait.. okay maybe I won't make it.." lol!
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Thats good I hope you get it tomorrow!  Since my due date was today I figured I waited long enough so I will be putting her seat in the car tomorrow as well lol..how was your babyshower!?
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Hope you had a great shower and congrats. I'm 37 weeks too and so excited :-)
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@OctoberBaby5: tomorrow might be a good idea!!! lol & the baby shower was amazing.. I couldn't have asked for better! lots of people didn't show up, but all I honestly cared about was the experience.. and my mama & the other 3 hostesses made it the best experience ever. I'm so thankful! ((:

@Jessbabygirl1: thank you very much, and congrats to you too!! ((:
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